Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another Batch of ATC's

I have to stop falling into the papercraft trap! I seriously need to get some sewing done! I just keep cranking out ATC's! This is going to be my last batch for the whole week! I have to get the last thing done for my personal swap and start on the next IYP! All fretting aside, look what I made! I also grabbed a couple blank ATC's and my black pens and took them along to lunch today. Auntie had a blast making a zentagle! I put it up on flickr for her to offer for trade. I'm slowly converting the entire world into Craftsters!


Pretty Things said...

You ought to get this made into cloth at!

Dawn said...

isn't it funny when you find something you enjoy and then can't stop, I am like that with faces at the moment hehehe and keep telling myself, "get something else done"