Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WIP Sunday: Wednesday IS The New Sunday

So it is Wednesday. I've been so insanely busy! I'm working on projects left and right trying to get some fun stuff done before Hamster arrives and working 2 jobs. I'll be done with one job soon so that should free up a bit of time for me. We are working on finishing up her room and getting some last minute things. I feel so unprepared! I'm sure that is totally normal and after one last road trip this weekend I'm hoping to feel a bit more "ready". We'll be picking up a few more needed things.
On Saturday I spent the day at the sewing machine and finished up the X-quisitly Amazing quilt top! It came out so lovely!The colors and fabrics blended just how I wanted them to! I'll be taking it to the long arm quilter soon.

X-Quisity Amazing Quilt Top

On Sunday, after cleaning house, I spent the afternoon catching up on Doctor Who and stitching like crazy! 6 episodes of the Doctor can make stitching fun! This is the WIP pic I snapped while watching episode 5. The finished piece is for NerdySewist on flickr for the Hoop Up and Send swap!WIP for NerdySewist
Rainbow spools! Oh, and yes those needles are all stitched up in metallic silver floss!

I also worked on Heidi's super humongous surprise of awesome! I'm calling it something different each time to confuse her. ;) I'm hoping tomorrow is another productive day with maybe getting up early to work on a little something special for my little sis. We'll see how Hamster allows me to sleep tonight!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stitching Across The Map

I joined the Hoop Up and Send Swap on flickr again this year to add a couple more gnome themed blocks to my stash for my quilt. The lovely Katy (LethargicLass) requested something stitched in the theme of maps or plans. I was stumped at first until the idea of a map to her from me came to me! Heidi, (Digital Misfit) didn't want to be left out, and since she is on the way I made a special stitching stop at her home with a bouquet of lazy daisies! Katy has swapped with us both in the past so I thought it would be fun.Hoop Up Swap Piece
The photo is a bit dark due to taking it at night before I mailed it out the next morning. For drawing a map free hand I thought it looks pretty good. Google maps was a big help, but some of their borders are wrong too! Satin stitching the Great Lakes sure was fun though! It has been mailed off to Katy and I can't wait until it reaches the final stop on its' stitchy tour. Off to dream up something for my other partner!

Monday, March 19, 2012

WIP Sunday: More Magical Fairy Garden!

Sunday was so splendidly warm I didn't stay inside long enough to blog so I got up extra early today to write a post! Took the fur monster for a walk yesterday and sat in the sunshine!

I created another fairy garden at work last week! This one is a larger scale and was so much fun to do. I made an old steel wheelbarrow the new home to this magical fairy abode.Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden
The house is actually a gourd that we grew in our garden! My little sister got in on the action and helped me create a perfect fairy living place from twigs, bark, pine cones, and moss. Also a few more of the Knickertwist inspired toadstools!
Fairy Gourd House
Here is a side view of the wee window!

Fairy Gourd House Side

I also made a tiny gazebo for the fairies to lounge in! As the season goes on that little vine will cover it up and create some lovely shade.

Fairy Gazebo

I'm off to get my hands dirty again today! Enjoy the spring weather everyone and keep an eye out for fairies! 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Why I Love My Job On Days Like This

No one loves their job everyday. I really love my job on days like today where I was able to be super creative and even a little crafty on the job! I spent the morning creating a fairy house! The afternoon was spent making the fairy garden and another house for a larger fairy garden project. You may remember seeing the fairy garden I made last year. It sold super quick, so this year I will be creating 3!Clay Pot Fairy Garden
I found a broken clay pot to transform this year. I made mushrooms using the lovely and talented Knickertwist's tutorial from her blog. They look right at home in this little magical place.Fairy house Close Up
The base of the house is a small tin birdhouse with moss, twigs, bark, and a snail shell door handle.Fairy Chair
I created a little chair from a doll house miniature and some wire from the craft store. I wanted a bit more "handmade" than just the bench.
Fairy Garden Close Up
The arbor is twigs from my in laws weeping birch tree. I can't wait to watch as the season progresses and see how the plants grow and flower. I choose plants that will stay dainty, but fill in nicely. Miniature gardening is a lot of fun! I'm betting this won't stay around too long once things are for sale and I'll miss it when it is gone, but I'm sure someone will give it a good home and find a fairy to take up residence in it!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

WIP Sunday: Yes, I Know It Is Tuesday!

So I'm a bit behind. Forgive me. Please. I have about a million and 1 things underway and I'm making tiny steps of progress in between growing a baby and working full time. Hamster is doing well and I'm at 33 weeks! Two more months people! It is crunch time around here as we try to get the rest of the things ready for Hamster's arrival. Her bedroom isn't finished yet, just waiting for some furniture and time to hang up the wee clothes.
I'm working on finishing up a quilt for my bestie, Heidi's (aka Digital Misfit) Mom! It will be a special surprise for her after having a bit of a medical related scare. I want to cheer her up and give her something to snuggle with. I took the class at our local art center from my favorite quilting teacher. The pattern is called X-quisitly amazing by Sharyn Craig.
This photo was taken before I started sewing the blocks together. They are now rows waiting to be made into the quilt top. It will be finished with a inner border of gray and an outer border of black.
WIP X-Quisitly Amazing

At our last guild meeting some red gingham was tossed out on the tables and a challenge was set forth. Take some scraps and make a block using some of your own coordinating fabrics and bring it back for a chance to win all completed blocks. I grabbed a couple pieces and came home and whipped up this block. I just opened a book I had and found a 12 1/2 finished block and made it! I used cream and beige Kona as accents.

Quilt Guild Challenge Block
I'm also working on 2 pieces for the Hoop Up and Send Swap on flickr. This piece is for the lovely Katy (LethargicLass). Her theme was "maps". I drew up my own map with 3 special stops done in stitches. This is just a portion of the design since it is a WIP I didn't want to share the whole thing.Hoop Up WIP
So I have been busy, I promise! I'm also working on a super duper secret surprise for Heidi as well. Won't share that until it is finished and has arrived at her door. ;) Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

St. Patrick's Flower

Just wanted to share something I finished up today! I've been in a St. Patrick's Day mood all day after serving Irish themed goodies at quilt guild this afternoon so I cranked up some Irish tunes and whipped out this little table topper to put on my table. At Christmas time I got the 12 degree wedge ruler from Phillips Fiber Art and have been drooling over the free patterns they provide each month. After seeing this new freebie I dug out some greens and set to work making St. Patrick's flower.St. Patrick's Flower
I used 2 different green Kona fabrics and some vintage fabric from my Grama's stash that I've been hoarding. It is cream with clovers all over it. Just what I needed for this!St. Patrick's Flower Close Up
It now rests on my table with my little leprechaun friend! I think he looks mighty happy to be sitting on St. Patrick's flower!
Happy St. Patrick's Day