Sunday, January 29, 2012

WIP Sunday: Busy Little Mama

I'm feeling good and getting lots done! This morning I sewed on the inner boarder to the Grinch quilt! One more boarder and that top is ready to be quilted! Feels like a long time in the making! It keeps getting put aside for other projects! I also did research and found out it is perfectly safe for me to paint with the no VOC odorless paint and I got part of the library painted! We have to finish the library to move the computer out to make the nursery! I'm getting 2 more finished rooms in the house because of Hamster! I'll be sharing pics of the library when it is done as I've been waiting for it to be done for 6 years! I've got some great little crafty projects in mind to provide the finishing touches on the library.
Yesterday I worked on week 2 and 3 of the life book class on Ning.
Week 2 assignment was to make a "dream board" of things you wished for the new year. I have pretty much only 1 thing on my wish list for this year and that happens to be Hamster!Dream Board Life Book Wk. 2
Next I watched video one of our lesson with Bonnie Rose Brian and ended up drawing a whimsy Valentine for the lovely Pam (Kitty Kill). It just turned out looking so much like her I couldn't resist! I'll have to brave the line at the post office this week to send it out! I matted it so she can frame it with her choice of frame when it arrives.
Happy Valentine's Day!

As you can see I was super productive this weekend and dang it felt good! Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hamster's Heirloom Quilt

Hamster's very first quilt is done! After grumbling about math and finally getting things to work out without a pattern I finished! The embroidered blocks were done by my Grandma probably around the time I was born and safely tucked away in a drawer until a couple months ago. Grandma passed them down to me and I set to work. A lovely team effort and something made by Hamster's Great Grandma and Mom for her to snuggle with.
Heirloom Quilt

I wanted to share a close up of one of the blocks. My fantastic long arm quilter did this custom for me! She echoed each embroidered design and then filled in with swirls which keep going in the sashing between blocks. 
Heirloom Block Close Up

Here is a close up of the wonderful swirly quilting in each pinwheel. Those pinwheels were fun to make!

Heirloom Quilt Close Up

It is backed in a super soft yellow flannel!

Heirloom Quilt Back

I'm so happy it is done and can't wait to snuggle a little Hamster in it!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

WIP Sunday: Hamster's Quilt!

I shared some embroidered blocks a while back that my Grandma made probably around the time I was born. Since then they sat in her drawer until she found out she was having a great grand baby! She turned the blocks over to me and I turned them into something Hamster can treasure forever!Hamster's Quilt Top
The top is all done and ready to go to the quilter! It turned out square, but fairly large so I think it will make a perfect snuggle blankie. I'm going to have her quilt it with her long arm hand machine so she can only quilt around the embroidery as opposed to her computerized machine that would quilt it all over. I will take it to her tomorrow to let her work her magic!

Today is going to be work on the Grinch quilt! It is close to being a completed top now! Only 7 more blocks to applique and then putting it all together and a boarder! I might try to get it ready to go to the quilter by tomorrow too. I'm also itching to make another baby dress, but the quilt must get done! Hope everyone has a productive and happy Sunday!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Vintage Heirloom Dress

I officially made my very first baby outfit today! I adored the vintage heirloom dress pattern over on craftiness is not optional . I dug through my stash of vintage fabric and buttons and set to work. I'm very pleased considering this is my first go at a baby outfit and I drafted the pattern from an existing t shirt I had bought. I know I've made tons of doll clothes and drafted patterns by draping, but this just felt so different. Maybe because a living thing will be wearing this dress! I learned a few things and hope to give another a go.Vintage Heirloom Dress

Back of Vintage Heirloom DressThis should fit a 3-6 month old Hamster! I'm super proud and can't wait to take photos! I modified the pattern just a bit. I didn't have as much fabric as the pattern called for so my skirt is not as full, but I actually like it that way. The bodice is also fully lined in that golden fabric! The buttons are from my favorite vintage button jar! The ones that are usually too precious to use on things! I figured this called for something extra special.

Back of Vintage Heirloom Dress

I didn't have a zipper the right size and didn't really think a zipper was called for so I altered the pattern and added a snap at the top of the neck. I also added the little pleat at the back for shape.

It was so much fun I think I'll try another in a smaller size! I have tons of vintage fabric begging to be worn!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Have A Seat, Cupcake!

As promised another WIP of the chair for the art centers "Chair" ity auction! The whipped cream was a challenge, but thanks to my quick thinking Hubby it worked! My idea wasted 2 hours of time, I completed his idea in like an hour!
Have a Seat Cupcake! WIP

Sorry for the crummy photos! The lighting in the dungeon when I finished up at 11:30 last night leaves something to be desired.

Cherry on Top!

Here is a little bit more of a close up of the whipped cream chair pad. Oh, and that large cherry! Isn't that fun! Reminds me a bit of Katy Perry's cherry fascinator! LOL Now I will ask you my dear readers an opinion; sprinkles or no sprinkles??????Sprinkle Choices
These are a couple of options. A fun sequin mix or some pretty silver bugle beads? I've already received one opinion already. Digital Misfit suggested that maybe the beads and sequins are too small and I should go with jimmie shaped felt pieces for scale. That is also an option as I have lots of colors of felt to play with.

So what do YOU think?????????????

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I swear!

I'm not slacking, I promise! Last weekend I missed WIP Sunday because we went on a shopping trip to buy baby stuff! That is all done now and just waiting to work on the nursery after Hubby finishes up some projects.

Grinch quilt still in progress along with the cupcake chair. The cupcake chair is my main focus right now as the dead line to have it finished is fast approaching! I plan on working my behind off today on it after work, so be on the lookout for another WIP photo!

Until then I'll leave you with a happy pup photo! Merlin says "hello"!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Life Book Assignment One!

I won a spot on Tam's (Willowing) class Life Book a while ago and it has begun! Lots of assignments and the class will last a whole year! I know around May I will fall behind with the arrival of Hamster, but I can enjoy working on it until then. I already finished my first assignment. Each assignment will be an art journal spread that will be bound together in the end to form a big lovely book!

Our first lesson also asked us to explore our "Goddess Superpowers" or positive qualities. I like learning more about myself and these little tie in's really make me think. At first I couldn't come up with anything! No, really, nothing. So I changed my way of thought and decided to think of what other people, family and friends, would say were my positive qualities. After some thought I came up with a nice little list. We were asked to incorporate them into the art work. I think it is a great way to include journaling in the spreads. I Celebrate...
I've never been great at 3/4 facing portraits, but it was a learning process! I'm very happy with my shading even though this photo doesn't do it justice. No natural light so I used my bright studio light. I'm very happy with her overall and am learning to embrace the little quirks in the faces I draw.

I can't wait to have a big beautiful book at the end!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

WIP Sunday: Happy New Year!

A huge Happy New Year to everyone from this little lady! Last night was spent ringing in the new year with my family. Fondue, games, and giggles were had by all. Yesterday I took it easy and spent the day sewing away! I made some great progress on the Grinch quilt which will be ready in time for Christmas next year (insert eye roll here ;) WIP Grinch Quilt

After snapping this shot of the quilt on my design wall I managed to sew all of those 3.5 in. squares together and start on the appliqueing of the panel blocks. It will be a finished top in no time now!

I also worked a bit on my latest project for the art center. I volunteered to head up a "chair" ity auction! We had lots of children's sized chairs left over from when the center was a library. They didn't work with our art tables and were just taking up space. We also needed a way to bring in some money to help fund a Smithsonian exhibit our center was chosen to host this spring. The exhibit is called "Key Ingredients" and pertains to the food traditions of the US and local traditions especially. We are honored to get to host it and I knew I could help. I gave out "a baker's dozen" chairs to local artists to decorate in a food theme. They will be silent auctioned off for a month at the center and the final day will come during our annual event called Soups On, where we serve soup, breads, and desserts to the community to warm up the winter! I decided to make my chair into a giant cupcake!Cupcake Chair

Excuse the crappy dungeon photo! The bottom is all pleated to resemble the wrapper! The top is a tie on cushion. The next step is to turn the back of the chair into a giant dollop of whipped cream with a cherry on top! Oh, and don't forget the sprinkles! I'll post photos of my finished chair and other chairs done for the auction when they are all turned in at the center!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable New Year and has plenty to look forward to in 2012! Time to go get started on the Life Book course over on Willowing.ning!