Saturday, January 31, 2009

Naked Tink!

Tink naked!
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Here is Tink fully jointed and needle sculpted! I finished this last night! There is also a couple more pics in the flickr folder of a side view and some before jointing pics.
I'm so happy with how her little toes and fingers came out! I modified the poppet pattern a lot to get the right size feet, ankles, hands, and I also nipped in the waist a bit. Wings and clothes come next! My favorite part is the details!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Tink's head!

Tink's head!
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So as promised here is Tink's finished head! I'm so proud of it! It is coming out just the way I wanted! I was so nervous about getting her bangs right, and in this pic they look just straight across, but in reality they are cut with the little point in the center just like Tink's pics. If you'd like to see a side view so you can see her bun and profile check out the flickr folder! I hope to get her body sewn up today! More pics tomorrow!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The beginings!

The beginings!
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A while back I was asked to make a Tinkerbell doll for a special little girl to take to the Magic Kingdom this April. Ideas began to swirl and materials were collected. I decided I would like to map my journey through creating one of the most well known fairies of the world.
I'll be sharing progress pics and you can head on over to my flickr account and peek in the Tink is born set to see my progress.
Today this is what I started with. Some fabric, buttons, thread, and yarn soon will be a magical little fairy! Tomorrow I share Tink's finished head!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I got goodies!

IYP Swap goodies
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I received my package from the invite your partner swap over on Craftster yesterday! It was from a lovely lady named Carmen! I'm so in love with this scarf! She made me the most beautiful cabled scarf in the world! It reminds me so much of celtic lands and misty morn's! To top it off she made me a calometery, thing to cover your ears when it is cold, and a sweet little pinky ring with red glitter and a heart! The ring fits perfect and I insisted on wearing the calometery this morning while the hubby and I played scrabble. He couldn't figure out why I needed it on in the house, but I just wanted to wear it! I also wore my scarf out today and my mother in law almost stole it! Thanks bunches Carmen! Now I'll be toasty warm and silly looking during our scrabble games!

Monday, January 26, 2009

I love this fabric!

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So yesterday the hubby kindly drove me 2 hours to the nearest Joann's fabric store. I bought a few things, some with projects in mind others just because. I knew this fabric had to be headbands. I made 1 for my little sister, 1 for my cousin, 1 for myself, and 1 for a lucky swap partner. I just love how they fit! I looked online for inspiration, but made my own pattern. They can also be reversable and have the plain purple on the outside. I'm so happy with mine I'm wearing it today!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I was tagged by Mary over at Meeting Street Designs so I thought I'd play along!

I have to list 8 random facts about myself and then tag 8 bloggers!

1. Anything Celtic or Irish makes me giddy.

2. My craft area is usually a HUGE mess!

3. I'm secretly in love with my nintendo ds.

4. I'm just starting to experiment with paper crafts and mixed media.

5. I hate the color pink!

6. I really like monkeys!

7. The smell of a book is my favorite smell.

8. My hubby thinks I'm silly, but still loves me!

Tagging other now!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Back to the Buttons!

Button Jar
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I love this photo and just wanted to share! It is looking into the pretty button jar! I may make some note cards from it! So many wonderful textures and colors! See any you like??

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lollie Is Home!

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I blogged this little girl naked a while back, but since she is now at her new home I can show her off fully clothed! She was meant to look goth lolita and I just hope I pulled it off. Her top is a corset that laces in the back, she has a red petticoat under her full skirt. Her hair bow is removable as are her fingerless gloves. Her wings are also removable with velcro. I had a blast making her and she now lives all the way in Germany!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Shrine to Love

love shrine Inside
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I've been wanting to try my hand at making a mini shrine for a long time so I finally got the chance. A lovely swap partner is getting married soon, so I made her an altered altoid's tin shrine in honor of love and her wedding. There is a pic of the front on my flickr account if you care to see it. This is the inside. I used her flowers, the white rose and calla lilies. Then the wonderful cupid standing behind a shelf, made from a domino. On the shelf are a candle I made, heart button,small mirror, purfume bottle I made from a bead, some dried babies breath, and a tiny little love letter. I'm so happy with how it came out! I can't wait to get some more mints just so I can make another shrine!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Merlin on the snow hill

The snow has really piled up this year. We are now having a bit of a January thaw, but it won't make much difference. That pile of snow is the snow that has been pushed off of the patio all winter and piled up on the lawn. The fence to the right is actually sitting on a 3 foot tall retaining wall, which you can't see as the snow is up that high! Merlin thinks it is the best mountain ever and insists on running up and down it. I had him chasing snow balls the other day and I took a few pics. If you'd like to see more go to my flickr account and look in the Merlin set for more white dog in the snow photos!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Birthday Girl!

Sister in her skirt
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My sister turned 8 yesterday and finally got her skirt! She was in love from the moment she opened it! She had to put it on right away and I took a few action shots. This one is the least "hammy"! What can I say, she has a knack for posing. Now she's just waiting for the weather to warm up so she can wear it!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Homer the flamingo

Homer the flamingo
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If you've seen the other flamingo post on here you know my issues with them, so most will be surprised to see yet another flamingo picture!
This is Homer, he is slightly deranged and a bit floppy. My Mom made him for me for Christmas as yet another dig at the old flamingo hate.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Scottie Buttons

Scottie Buttons
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So I said I'd share a few of my favorite buttons from the "pretty button" jar. Here are some wonderful scottie dog buttons that I just love! One is a bit damaged, but I love it just the same. They are actual metal and so cute. I wish I had more than 2, but that is all there is. Another yard sale find in a huge thing of very plain buttons.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The pretty button jar

The pretty buttons
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I've been on a button spree as of late. I just wanted so share my "pretty button jar". It is inspired by Grama's beloved button tin that all the kids in the family have been allowed to look through. When you're not feeling well, or just being very good and need some quiet time Grama would bring out the button tin. A lot of the buttons are very old. Most were her Mother's buttons. I always treasure the memory of touching each button, sorting them out in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Something so meaningful for a child.
The wonderful memories made me want my own pretty button jar. I found this antique cracker jar at a yard sale for $4! I know it's huge, but I hope someday to have it filled to the brim with all the "pretty buttons." I hope it will make wonderful memories for my children and grandchildren someday.
I'll post more button pictures soon!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gimme some color!

Pink Rose
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I just had to share this photo I took this fall of a pink rose in my yard. There is soooooooo much snow here I just needed to see a pop of color! Look at the color and just think of warmer days, grass, and flowers!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Another lonely button

Eenie button
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I know I promised more of my Mom's talents, but I made this little button and just had to share. The pattern is from Annie Oakleaves, one of her free eenies. I just made it very small and embroidered it on linen and then made it into a button. I'll probably put it on a hair elastic and wear it that way.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sis's Birthday Gift

Sis's Birthday Gift
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I finished my little sister's Birthday gift today! She is turning 8 on the 16th! I almost forgot I promised her a skirt! She requested it after seeing the skirt I made for the hippy swap. She told me the colors she wanted and Aaron and I hurried to the fabric store and picked out these batik's. I think it came out perfect. I'll post an action shot after she gets it.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cutie poo

Cutie poo
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I just had to share the cutest little poo around. My Mom made him as a gift for my Uncle. Long story as to why he would need a pile of poo!

Since I can't share things I'm currently making for fear of ruining swap partner's surprises I'll share a couple of the things my mom has made lately! She's a crochet whiz! Look for another tomorrow.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Into the New Year!

I swear I'm still here! Crafting away in the New Year! I don't do resolutions, so there will be no talk of them in this post. I have tons of projects in various stages of doneness, but nothing I can show at this moment without giving away something to possible snooping swap partners ;) Let's just say I have 1 personal swap ready to send, 1 project done for my 1st invite your partner swap partner, 1 project almost finished for my 2nd invite your partner swap partner, and a large item just started today for my partner in the naughty word swap that I am also the organizer of! I kind of went swap crazy after my hiatus for the holidays! Oh, what the heck, I deserve it once and a while! Hopefully I'll have some pics to share again soon! Until then I'm going back to trying to stay warm in these frigid temps and crafting my heart out.