Sunday, February 26, 2012

WIP Sunday: Hamster's New Room!

I did it! I'm all done painting in Hamster's new room (aka the nursery). I just love how the colors I picked look together! The new rug is also down on the floor. I am just awaiting the Hubby to put together the crib and haul in the other furniture. Then I'll hang some little clothes up in that huge closet!Hamster's Room
I'm not a fan of the overhead lighting so we will be picking up a nice lamp for the corner of the room as well. I also have a fun organza hanging lamp I will be putting in the opposite corner by the closet. It is more of a twinkle lamp, but will brighten up the dark corner. The crib will go on the large wall you can see part of in this photo. I also have a chair and ottoman and dresser that will be added. I'm thinking she will also need a book shelf or some other piece of furniture to put toys on ect. See where the ceiling dips down a bit to allow for the duct work? I want to do something fun with that space! Maybe a fabric bunting is in order!You Are My Sunshine!
I was inspired by a piece of art I found on Pinterest to make this for Hamster's room! I couldn't resist! I put my own spin on colors, fonts, placements, ect. It will hang over her crib!Hamster's Fabrics
I also picked out these prints from the Half Moon Modern line from Moda to make a crib quilt with! I'm going to find one more of the yellow prints so I have 5 of each color way and then I need to decide on a pattern!
I can't wait to get art on the walls and make it feel like an actual room! I'm also preparing for a quilt class tomorrow night to make a quilt for a special person! Off to iron up my fabric and pack up my equipment! Hope everyone has a sunshiny Sunday!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

WIP Sunday: Library Underway and Hamster's New Room!

Yesterday and today have been busy! The library was officially finished so we worked on getting some things moved in. Like the computer and desk and all those pesky cords! I think I did a great job of bundling them together and they aren't all sticking out all over! We hung up my ATC collection first! I just love how it brightens up this little half wall that leads into the reading nook.

ATC collection in the library

My wonderful Hubby also did some built in book shelves! He's becoming so dang handy!
Most of the books are in their new homes. I'm just missing a few I need to pull out. That should fill up the shelf next to Roamy Gnomey who has become quite at home. The other empty part will be for Hamster's books that she is amassing even though she isn't born and my poppet collection, along with a couple other stuffies from friends.

Book Shelves

Lastly my favorite part! This room was once the cistern for the house. With the tank removed we have a super cool brick and stone rounded area with 3 windows overhead! The Hubby sealed and painted the stone and it looks amazing! I'll have to take a photo of the windows later when the sun isn't beating in! The natural light is amazing. I'm going to get a plant or 2 to live in the deep sills and we are testing out a few different options to hang some art in there. The lamp is a vintage find that I love and the side table is new. The wicker chair is just a temporary seat until my vintage arm chair is done at the upholsterer. It will hopefully be done around June, just in time for my Birthday! I'm also hoping to convince my Mom into crocheting one of those giant doily rugs for the rounded area!  
Reading Nook

Today we are working in Hamster's room! The large closet is empty and being scrubbed out. Hubby hopes to have a coat of primer on the walls before evening if I can get my butt in gear and put the rest of the keep pile in the last 3 totes! Time to have a snack and get back to work! Hope everyone has a productive Sunday!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to all of my lovely friends! My Hubby got me the perfect gift this year! A gift certificate to the local fabric shop! What an amazing man, that he knows me so well. I bought him king crab legs that he can cook and eat at his leisure. :)

This Friday is the end of the "Chair"ity auction at the art center. I thought I'd share a finished pic of my chair. The silent auction is going fantastic and we will be raising a lot of money for the Smithsonian exhibit we have coming in soon!
Have a Seat Cupcake

I thought I'd also share a photo of the chair my Aunt and a cousin made for the auction. They are both HUGE Heinz ketchup fans so naturally they wanted to make a chair that looked like a giant bottle of ketchup!

Ketchup Chair

Here is a group shot of the chairs arranged in the gallery for the showing. I'm so excited to collect the final bids and see how much money we raised! A huge thank you to all the local artists that participated!"Chair"ity Auction Chairs

Sunday, February 12, 2012

WIP Sunday: What A Sweet Day!

My little sister requested that I help her make her Valentine's box for school this year! Mom, Sis, and I sat down this morning and whipped up a giant cupcake! I made the base box from cardboard and masking tape, with a stuffed top, pleated paper wrapper, felt sprinkles, and a cherry on top!Cupcake Valentine's Box
I couldn't resist making that cherry! There is a slot on the other side in the wrapper for the cards to be put in and the top lifts off to get them out. Sis is super pleased and can't wait to take it to school to show her friends!
I do have some other projects in the works, but the main one is a super secret mega surprise for one of my crafty pals, so no pictures until it is done and at it's new home!
Hope everyone had a super sweet Sunday!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dark Mark Sparks Panic!

Oooooo, scary! A dark mark onsie!  I found a temporary tattoo template online and used it to draw my own version. I then embroidered it on green Kona in 1 and 2 strands. I used the zig zag on my machine to sew it to a black onsie.

Dark Mark Close Up

What better baby gift for a Harry Potter fan Mom who just so happens to be having a baby a couple weeks after me? 

Dark Mark Onsie
I couldn't resist! If this little one turns out to be a girl it will get a matching green and black striped skirt to rock with this onsie! ;)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why I Love My Crafty Friends!

I have the best friends ever! I love all my friends, be they just across town or across the country, or even in another country! They lift me up when I need a little smile. They say kind things when sometimes I can't find anything kind to say to myself. They remind me that even if I don't always remember someone out there cares. They also brighten my day with little packages in the mail on occasion! ;)

Pam (Kitty Kill) sent me 2 adorable onsies for Hamster in addition to the coolest alphabet x-stitch sampler ever! I'm having the sampler custom framed to hang in Hamster's room and will share it when it is complete, but until then you can check it out on Pam's blog, Faster KittyKill. I snapped a shot of the onsies.Super Cute!
Two little super cute mice and that cow just cracks me up! I can't wait to get pics of them being modeled!
Speaking of super cute things for my little Hamster to wear, my friend Heidi (Digital Misfit) has been a busy gal too! She has taken a liking to making one of a kind dresses for my little one! I'm so excited to get them and I will be so proud for Hamster to rock hand made! You can check them out on Heidi's Flickr photo stream. This one will be Hamster's coming home outfit!Sweet Baby Peasant Dress

I hear there are several more outfits in the works with tons of super cute fabrics and in all sizes so she won't outgrow having handmade!

So be you a friend near or far, remember that I appreciate you! A short message on Facebook, a comment on my blog, a friendly hello on flickr, a phone call for coffee, or an amazing little gift, each and every little bit of contact I have with my dear friends means the world. Thanks for being fantastic!