Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The new girl

Naked Lollie
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Here is what I have been working on like crazy now that the holiday madness is gone! Her name is Lollie, she is a goth lolita inspired poppet that will be traveling all the way to Germany! Here she is naked and unfinished. She is dressed now and just awaiting some final details, like eyelashes, shoes, and a couple other special things. She's made from white alova and very lean and tall. I also made her feet smaller and elf shaped ears. I'm off to work on her some more now! I'll post her finished after she is sent!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Where did these come from?

We were going to leave the house for a quick errand on Christmas Eve Day and what did we find in our front yard, but Santa and Rudolph flamingoes! There is a long running joke about me hating pink flamingoes and those tacky dressed up geese people put in there yards. I'm assuming this is someone's idea of a great joke! I'm not sure who put them there, although I do have a couple of suspects (ahem), but I'll find out! I was thinking of making them into Easter bunnies and putting them in my suspects yards for that occasion! Just too funny!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"A whole bowling alley!"

The greatest reward!
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Nope, not a bowling alley, but Aaron's very own leg lamp! He got it for his Birthday this year! He's so proud of it shining bright in our front window, I just had to share. His love of "A Christmas Story" is obvious! Almost every year he gets something related to the movie. Last year it was a talking ornament from Hallmark, this year our very own "glowing piece of sex".

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Just groovin on the holidays!

Pretty slow crafting the last few days! I have way to much stuff to get ready for our company that we will have both Christmas eve and Christmas Day. Cleaning, writing lists, wrapping everyone packages! I tend to wrap most of my families packages. Not just my own to them, I mean the ones they bought! I did all of mine, then everything my Grandparents bought, and then all of my Auntie's gifts. I'm a wrapping fool! I even enjoy it! If my Mom doesn't have all hers wrapped I'll be going over Monday to finish up hers! So while I'm off wrapping and going cleaning crazy, I hope everyone is having a blessed Holiday season.

I'll be celebrating Yule tomorrow night with the Hubby! Our usual pizza and cuddling! Blessed Yule to all!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Family Tree Quilt

Family Tree quilt
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I just finished this lap sized quilt today. It is the 2nd one I've made this year. Aaron decided that each of his Grandparent's needed a special gift this year. I decided on family tree quilts. Each quilt is made in different colors, but the overall theme is the same. I wrapped the 1st quilt before I got a picture, so I have to wait for it to be unwrapped to get one!
This one goes to Aaron's Mom's parents. The Grandparent's names are on the birds at the top of the tree. Each one of their children have a leaf as does their spouse, children, and their spouses. The quilts were a lot of work, but I think they were really worth it. I guess we'll see how they are received on Christmas Eve. You can go to my Flickr to see more shots and a pic of the back to show off the quilting!
I think I am FINALLY done holiday crafting!!!!! Now back to my regular scheduled swaps!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Felt Taxidermy: the best kind of mount!

Felt Taxidermy 2
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Aaron is an avid hunter. I'm perfectly fine with that so long as it is done with respect and we use as much of the animal as possible, but I'm not about to allow a dead animal head to hang in my house! So after a friend showed me some wonderful examples of felt taxidermy on etsy.com, I knew just what to make Aaron for the holidays this year! I'll actually allow him to hang this one up! I can't wait to see the look on his face when he opens it.
I didn't have a pattern, so I started with a donkey plush pattern, modified the head, and did the rest with nothing but my imagination. I love how it turned out and hopefully I'll get a pic with Aaron and his new "mount" on Christmas morning!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A wonderful giveaway by a talented artist!

I just wanted to let the world know about a chance to win a customized portrait of your favorite pet by a very talented Etsy artist. Her blog where you enter the giveaway is here
http://www.sittingprettystudio.blogspot.com/ and you can check out her great Etsy store here
http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5101750. Go on and enter! It would be great to have a portrait of your current pet or a memorial to a beloved pet that has passed! Check it out!

Grain Bag Project Bag

My Grandpa worked at a seed plant for over 30 years and he worked with these seed and grain sacks on a daily basis. He even mended them when need be. My Mom got a huge roll of them when they sold off the seed plant and had no idea what to do with them. Then she realized they'd make great bags. So I took a bunch, washed them like crazy, and whipped up this! My Mom needs a new project bag to haul around her crochet and I think this will be just great. Durable, washable, and even a bit sentimental seeing as her Dad probably filled this bag full of seed more than once.
I think I'll be making more of these with embroidery on them for my Etsy shop. I also think they'd make great reusable shopping bags!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Chef Tree

Chef Tree
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I shared our big Yule tree yesterday and thought I should also share the small tree that decorates the dining room / kitchen. Every year Aaron gets the chef Hallmark ornament from his Aunt for his Birthday. I found this perfect little tree a couple years ago so now they all have a home. The tree skirt is actually an apron. My Grama made the chef snoman for Aaron last year and he looks so perfect beside the tree!

Off to work on more gifts!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

O Yule Tree!

Yule Tree 2008
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I just had to share our beautiful tree. We just finished decorating it while watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Our traditional thing to watch while decorating the tree. We just love our real trees. They mean so much. Our ornaments are very eclectic. We don't like sticking to a theme. Each ornament has special memories and thoughts behind them and we like it that way. We have our first year in our new home ornament, our first Christmas together ornament, the hand made ones made by Aaron's Grama, some hand made ones made by me and Aaron, 17 puppy Hallmark ornaments in a series my Mom started for me when I was young, we each have our very 1st Christmas ornaments too! All so special and unique. It is like looking through a scrap book of memories each time we open the ornament box.

Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm ready for my close up

Bunny Close up
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I just had to share this cute little bunny I made using a tutorial on Craftster.org. This is a gift for a soon to be born baby! It is so soft and cuddly. I put lentils in his feet and stuffed the rest of him. He's made from some really soft fleece and tweed for the inside of the ears. All parts are very secure so that baby can pull, squeeze, and gum away. I just love him and want to make one for myself. If you'd like to see a full body view go to my flickr.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Anyone for a check up?

I just wanted to show off my first attempt at the famous Black Apple Doll pattern from the Martha Stewart website. I made her very small though. She only stands about 12 inches. I think most of them are much bigger. She's a little nurse with her stethoscope giving check ups! I made her for a friend for the holidays! I think I'll be making more of these dolls in the future!