Saturday, December 20, 2008

Just groovin on the holidays!

Pretty slow crafting the last few days! I have way to much stuff to get ready for our company that we will have both Christmas eve and Christmas Day. Cleaning, writing lists, wrapping everyone packages! I tend to wrap most of my families packages. Not just my own to them, I mean the ones they bought! I did all of mine, then everything my Grandparents bought, and then all of my Auntie's gifts. I'm a wrapping fool! I even enjoy it! If my Mom doesn't have all hers wrapped I'll be going over Monday to finish up hers! So while I'm off wrapping and going cleaning crazy, I hope everyone is having a blessed Holiday season.

I'll be celebrating Yule tomorrow night with the Hubby! Our usual pizza and cuddling! Blessed Yule to all!

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