Monday, August 29, 2011

Khal Drogo

I'm organizing and swapping in the OTT Game of Thrones Swap on Craftster. I haven't sent yet, but I just couldn't wait to share what I made yesterday! I don't think my partner looks at my blog so I don't think it will spoil anything.

I spent 4.5 hours drafting the pattern and stitching! What a great way to spend an afternoon!

This is Khal Drogo from the HBO Game of Thrones Series. He's a hottie!

I used that pic to draft my pattern.
Khal Drogo

Here is Khal Drogo in stitches! He's in a 4 inch hoop that I stained. I finished the back with felt and a label from the linen with my name ect.
Khal Drogo Close Up
A close up pic, because I love him so much! I can't wait to send him off, but he is a hard one to part with!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

WIP Sunday: Super Sew Day Extravaganza

Yesterday my quiltie gal pals and I had a great day filled with sewing, laughter, and treats! We worked away at various projects, took breaks to eat tasty snacks, and laughed a lot.
WIP: Super Sew Day Extravaganza
I took this shot early in the day. Betty's quilt is the red, black, and white one. She was working on binding. I love it! Janice made the one in the middle. It is a variation on the one I made for my sister. Love that applique. She was also binding. My "slice and dice" is on the end. I managed to get it trimmed and the binding sewn on so it is ready for hand stitching!Block #1 Sashed!
I also figured out the sashing for the embroidered blocks for Grama's quilt! Ignore the fact that it needs pressed after being stuffed in my bag. I'll sash the other 3 finished blocks when I get a chance!
We also exchanged Birthday gifts since we didn't have a chance to celebrate our Birthdays back in June and July. I made super huge totes for everyone! They will be great to take along on our shop hop adventures this year!
All 5 laid out on my table! Kona cotton and a polka dot Kauffman print.
Who You Calling A Fat Quarter
Four of the five bags say "who you calling a fat quarter?" I just thought it was funny! I printed it out on Kona from my printer in a fun font and heat set it. I used a decorative stitch on my new machine to put it on.
Cross Sitchers Are X-Rated
One friend is a wonderful cross stitcher so I had to change up her tote a bit and found this great saying! These totes are so big I fit 2 couch pillows in them to take the photo!
It was a wonderful day and I got lots done, including starting on another quilt! I had so much fabric left over from that "slice and dice" I'm making a wonderful jelly roll pattern I bought while on vacation!
Happy Sunday everyone!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Block #4!

I finished block 4 while returning home from vacation! Block 5 will be under way tonight during some tv time!
Block 4 Birdhouse
4 down 8 more to go!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Mt. Moriah Cemetery

I've visited the Mt. Moriah Cemetery in Deadwood South Dakota before, but this time I was armed with my camera! I shared the photos of Roamy Gnomey with the famous tombs yesterday, but I thought I'd share some photos of just some interesting headstones and monuments I found along the way. I'll spare you the words and just post the photos. Enjoy!
Wild Bill

Little Iron Cross
Towards The Sky
Just Don't Blink!
I think I'll play with some of the images in a photo editor to make them look spooky aged!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

WIP Sunday: Home Again, Home Again, Riggity Jig!

Back from a fun weekend trip! I managed to get a little stitching done even! I'm almost finished with block 4 of the quilt in progress! I should have a finished pic to share tomorrow!

We spent the weekend in South Dakota and had tons of fun. I thought I'd share a couple of photos of Roamy Gnomey!
Roamy Gnomey Playing Slots
He had terrible luck at the slots in Deadwood! (I didn't have any luck either!)
Wild Bill's Grave
We made a stop at Mount Moriah Cemetery in Deadwood so Gnomey could see Wild Bill and Calamity Jane's grave sites! I also took some photos of cool grave markers from the 1800's. I'll share them in a post later.
Rapid City, SD Art Alley
We also made a stop in Rapid City, South Dakota for some shopping at the local galleries. There is an alley downtown full of art! Not just graffiti pieces, but also actual canvas paintings and sculptures. I had fun taking pics of my fave pieces. I won't post them all here, but you can journey over to my flickr to see more of the alley of art.
I am still working on the surprise for my quilty gal pals too! In fact I think I'm going to go work on that for a bit now after I change into my comfy clothes! Hope everyone had a lovely Sunday!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Soviet Union Propaganda Art Quilt

I've posted teasers of this project for a while now and can finally post the finished project! Digital Misfit (Heidi) received her package today! I made this for her for the I heart the 80's swap on flickr. It was so fun and totally off the wall to make. I never thought I'd combine the words Soviet Union and quilt in the same sentence.
Soviet Union Propaganda Folk Art Quilt
It came out approx. 22"X22". A nice size to hang on the wall. It was my first go at hand quilting as well. Not a bad thing! I didn't worry about stitch length or spacing as I wanted it to have a folk artsy feel.
Hand Quilting Close Up
I did the mushroom cloud in the perfect gray swirl fabric. I used the reverse applique method, but left frayed edges. I really like the effect.
Soviet Union Propaganda Folk Art Quilt
Just one more shot. I'm so proud of it! I think this is the MOST hand sewing I have ever done on one project! All the pieces are raw edge appliqued in blanket stitch, the hand quilting, and hand binding! Good thing I love Heidi so much! ;)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

WIP Sunday: Block #3!

I finished up block #3! I'm so excited that these blocks are going so fast. They are only a couple different stitches and stitch up very easy while I watch Doctor Who or Top Gear UK.

Watering Can Block 3

The quilt is going to be super cute when I get it done! I already started on block 4 and I am almost 1/2 done with it!

I'm also working on something special for my quilty gal pals, but I won't share that as I know they browse my blog! So ha, it is a surprise!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Block #2!

I'm just humming along on these embroidered blocks for Grama's quilt! I finished up bock #2 last night while watching project runway. 275 french knots later I was beat! I can't believe I did that many french knots with so little cussing!
Welcome To My Garden Block 2
2 down 10 more to go! I'm going to trace block 3 and get my thread ready tonight!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Art Splash 2011

Each year at the art center we do a huge back to school art splash. One last go of summer! There are 5 art stations that groups of kids go to, they bring a sack lunch, and run through the sprinkler and play games outside after. This is my 3rd year helping out and teaching a station. It is always so much fun!
This year we focused on arts and crafts that children could have done in 100 years ago! Our building is celebrating it's 100 Birthday so we are doing lots of activities along the way to celebrate. The kids did soap carving, paper quilt blocks, pin wheels, twig weaving, and tie dye shirts(I know that isn't a 100 year old craft!).

I taught the twig weaving station!
I didn't get pics of all of the wonderful creations, but here are a couple photos of some of the kids work.
Twig WeavingTwig Weaving
I'm exhausted after spending 8 hours with 50 kids! Off to watch a couple episodes of Doctor Who and stitch!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

WIP Sunday: Grama's Quilt

I've FINALLY started on the quilt I promised my Grama for her Birthday in June! On her Birthday, June 8th, I took the fabric I had bought and the pattern to her and then took it back to make the quilt. The pattern is here, (never mind that hideous fabric, mine is much cooler!)

The first block took me about 6 episodes of Doctor Who and 1 episode of Top Gear UK to finish up.
Daisy Seeds Block 1
11 more blocks to go! I'm going to start on block #2 today!

I'm also hosting a One Tiny Thing Game of Thrones swap on Craftster! Sign ups just opened up today so I'll be making something related to that wonderful series soon.

I'm also still working on the Irish fairy painting for the art auction in September. I think the painting is done now, but I need to turn it into a wall hanging as it is on un stretched canvas.
Irish Fairy
I'm coffee staining some muslin to use for the wall hanging portion, which I think I will paint or draw on a bit too.
Off to stitch! Have a wonderful and productive Sunday!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

All Hell Has Gone To Hell

Cancer free. What wonderful words to hear. My friend is officially cancer free and I gave him his present today! He was still very sore, but in good spirits.
I only snapped one quick photo before delivering the present. I put it under glass as it will be hanging in his camper. Glass creates terrible glare for photo shoots!
All Hell Has Gone To Hell
So all in all I guess all hell hasn't gone to hell ;)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

I first must apologize for missing WIP Sunday. This blog post will explain and make up for that, I promise!
I FINALLY got my craft space clean and put together! I'm so happy I could burst. I never really got it together after the remodel. Sadly I just let it go. No more I say! I will work hard at keeping it tidy and workable. It isn't much, but it is my space and my space alone. My happy place, if you will.

Here is my art desk. Aaron (Hubby) made it for me ages ago when I decided this was going to be my space. The left hand end lifts up like a drafting board which is great for painting. I have tons of bits and bobs and I think I finally found a place for them all! That brown stool to the right is FULL of embroidery floss needing to be carded and organized! Yikes! Check out the gorgeous rug my Mom made in the colors I used to paint my space! Nice and soft and keeps my toes from getting cold.
Art Desk
On the other side of the room is my sewing station. I have to share my space with the normal household storage, but I make it work. My fabric is finally all in totes (I'm short 3 more!). My new machine is under that cover and I have room to cut on my table. The lights are Buddhas in the colors I painted the room! They were a gift and I love them. Notice the brand new daylight lamp to aid in sewing too.
Sewing Table
I bought a book case and made little curtains to match the large curtain on my art desk. It hides my lace bins, zipper tin, trim bin, and sewing accessories. It is on the only wall that isn't dry walled yet. The bathroom is behind that wall and when it is done that wall will be finished. I think I need a crafty shrine for the top of the book case!
Keep It Hidden
Finally, I'll share a pic of my inspiration shelf. A few things I've made, Madame and Frida, and other things from friends. I also use the wall above my desk for art made for me by friends. I love adding things to this shelf. I also have framed inchies and other art from friends behind my sewing area.
Inspiration Shelf
I'm so happy it is all put together and a workable space again. I can't wait to create something in my rightful space again! It isn't as fancy as some spaces, but it works for me and I'm greatful to have it!