Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

I first must apologize for missing WIP Sunday. This blog post will explain and make up for that, I promise!
I FINALLY got my craft space clean and put together! I'm so happy I could burst. I never really got it together after the remodel. Sadly I just let it go. No more I say! I will work hard at keeping it tidy and workable. It isn't much, but it is my space and my space alone. My happy place, if you will.

Here is my art desk. Aaron (Hubby) made it for me ages ago when I decided this was going to be my space. The left hand end lifts up like a drafting board which is great for painting. I have tons of bits and bobs and I think I finally found a place for them all! That brown stool to the right is FULL of embroidery floss needing to be carded and organized! Yikes! Check out the gorgeous rug my Mom made in the colors I used to paint my space! Nice and soft and keeps my toes from getting cold.
Art Desk
On the other side of the room is my sewing station. I have to share my space with the normal household storage, but I make it work. My fabric is finally all in totes (I'm short 3 more!). My new machine is under that cover and I have room to cut on my table. The lights are Buddhas in the colors I painted the room! They were a gift and I love them. Notice the brand new daylight lamp to aid in sewing too.
Sewing Table
I bought a book case and made little curtains to match the large curtain on my art desk. It hides my lace bins, zipper tin, trim bin, and sewing accessories. It is on the only wall that isn't dry walled yet. The bathroom is behind that wall and when it is done that wall will be finished. I think I need a crafty shrine for the top of the book case!
Keep It Hidden
Finally, I'll share a pic of my inspiration shelf. A few things I've made, Madame and Frida, and other things from friends. I also use the wall above my desk for art made for me by friends. I love adding things to this shelf. I also have framed inchies and other art from friends behind my sewing area.
Inspiration Shelf
I'm so happy it is all put together and a workable space again. I can't wait to create something in my rightful space again! It isn't as fancy as some spaces, but it works for me and I'm greatful to have it!


Digital Misfit said...

Congrats on your gorgeously organized craft dungeon! It is far from the dungeon you started with, thats for certain! LOVE mom's rugs.

Barbara/myth maker said...

Oh, your space is beautiful! Thank you for the tour. It says warmth and creative visions. May you have many happy & creative days in there.

Jaclyn T said...

What a bright, cheery, and organized spot!

--Jaclyn T
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Paula Jo @ Home and Garden Decor said...

You done a wonderful job on your craft space area. It really looks great, and you should be proud of yourself for such a fine job done. Congrats!!