Monday, August 15, 2011

Soviet Union Propaganda Art Quilt

I've posted teasers of this project for a while now and can finally post the finished project! Digital Misfit (Heidi) received her package today! I made this for her for the I heart the 80's swap on flickr. It was so fun and totally off the wall to make. I never thought I'd combine the words Soviet Union and quilt in the same sentence.
Soviet Union Propaganda Folk Art Quilt
It came out approx. 22"X22". A nice size to hang on the wall. It was my first go at hand quilting as well. Not a bad thing! I didn't worry about stitch length or spacing as I wanted it to have a folk artsy feel.
Hand Quilting Close Up
I did the mushroom cloud in the perfect gray swirl fabric. I used the reverse applique method, but left frayed edges. I really like the effect.
Soviet Union Propaganda Folk Art Quilt
Just one more shot. I'm so proud of it! I think this is the MOST hand sewing I have ever done on one project! All the pieces are raw edge appliqued in blanket stitch, the hand quilting, and hand binding! Good thing I love Heidi so much! ;)


Digital Misfit said...

There are not nearly enough folk art Cold War Soviet Union propaganda quilts in the world! I love this so much! xoxo

amy dame said...

this is so so awesome! Heidi, i hope you have a place of honour to display it!

things like this make me miss swapping, because of amazing people like you two!

kittykill said...

So very awesome!