Thursday, August 11, 2011

Art Splash 2011

Each year at the art center we do a huge back to school art splash. One last go of summer! There are 5 art stations that groups of kids go to, they bring a sack lunch, and run through the sprinkler and play games outside after. This is my 3rd year helping out and teaching a station. It is always so much fun!
This year we focused on arts and crafts that children could have done in 100 years ago! Our building is celebrating it's 100 Birthday so we are doing lots of activities along the way to celebrate. The kids did soap carving, paper quilt blocks, pin wheels, twig weaving, and tie dye shirts(I know that isn't a 100 year old craft!).

I taught the twig weaving station!
I didn't get pics of all of the wonderful creations, but here are a couple photos of some of the kids work.
Twig WeavingTwig Weaving
I'm exhausted after spending 8 hours with 50 kids! Off to watch a couple episodes of Doctor Who and stitch!

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Jaclyn T said...

The twig weaving looks so fun and beautiful. Must. Try.