Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Oh I'm So Ashamed!

I'm so ashamed. Life has become one giant whirl wind of work and it has robbed me of my time to express myself and create. I hate it. I always hate it. Sadly it happens every year at this time. I disappear from all of my crafty pursuits to make things grow and help spring along.
We've been preparing for an open house at the green house this entire week and it has sapped me of my time and energy. The open house is tomorrow and hopefully I'll sneak a chance to get some pictures of what has been keeping me so busy!

I thought I'd catch up on my WIP Sunday with a shot of my stitching I'm working on for the art center project. A line drawing of the entire building!
James Memorial Stitching

I'm trying to replicate the sketchy look in double and single strand. I'm really happy with it so far! I've also had two completed pieces turned in by others in the stitching group. Stay tuned for a post about those as well.

Also I finished up the last little something for Heidi's package! A thread catcher to match her sewing machine cozy!
Digital Misfit's Thread Catcher
I can't wait until next week! No more open house and I can get my morning crafty time back!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sewing Machine Cozy!

I've been promising Heidi (Digital Misfit) a sewing machine cozy for ages and finally got around to making it! I made it reversible too! Never know when you want to look at something a little different.

I had to test it out and since the machine was on I tested it out on Merlin! Dog, sewing machine, same difference, right?
Doggy Cozy????
He was sleeping and didn't even notice I had put it on him!

I made those shabby roses to accent the black side.
Shabby Roses

The other side is the crazy red, gray, and black fabric that I think is so fun.
Sewing Machine Cozy
Yesterday I made a thread catcher from the same fabrics to go with. I'll post that tomorrow after I have a suitable photo.

No dogs were harmed in the taking of these photos either!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

WIP Sunday: Oh La La!

The art center where I volunteer was gifted a large amount of a local artists unfinished works after she passed away. With a little brainstorming from a fellow board member and I it was decided to have an unfinished works show and give more local artists the chance to choose a piece of work to finish. The finished works will be auctioned off in a silent auction to benefit the daily runnings of the art center. I helped catalog the works and hang them in the gallery to be selected by the artists. I also had the chance to choose a couple of pieces to finish myself! I found a couple of sketches in a sketch book that I fell in love with! The artist was sketching some lovely beauties and I just knew I could do them justice with a bit of mixed media. I refined the sketches only a bit as I wanted to keep the original charm.
I put them on to 8x16" canvas panels. I started painting a bit today. The pic doesn't show much of my shading as it is terribly dreary out here today. I'm still deciding on background colors as well.
Oh La La
There is still so much shading to be done!
Here is the other sketch on it's panel. Aren't they just a hoot!Oh La La!
I also got both quilts back from the quilter. I have just started binding the western quilt!
WIP Sunday: Binding
I also whipped up a little thread catcher for Heidi's swap package! I think I'm done crafting for her now! Time to pack it up and ship it out!
Have a wonderfully productive Sunday!

Friday, March 18, 2011

New Sewing Machine Fund

Sadly, it is time. Time to put away the trusted old machines and move on to something new. My wonderful old friends are getting tired. Tired of all of the abuse I impose upon them with my over achieving ways. The "Magic Machine" is so tired it started popping belts on a weekly basis! The "Old Man" is fairing better, but sounding a bit clanky. I'll keep sewing on the "Old Man" for now, but as I sew I will be dreaming of a new friend!

I made a jar to sit in the kitchen window sill to help me remember my goal and make a safe place to put a little extra cash now and then.
New Sewing Machine Fund
An old black jar I had laying around with a spiffy new label to let the world know what I'm saving for! I found that vintage ad on flickr in the collage group and just knew it was perfect. I had to give her a fun new hat and a stamped and inked background. I started the fund with the last $2 cash I had in my wallet and encouraged the Hubby to put some in too. I don't think he has, but I'll keep gently reminding him ;)
My goal is $500 so I can buy a new Bernina. Something not too fancy, but a bit more advanced than my antiques! I think I deserve something new for a change! Wish me luck! I'll keep the progress updated. I do have a Birthday coming up, wonder if I can get everyone to just donate money to the cause?!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

One World One Heart Prizes!

I've been meaning to post this for ages now, but have been so dang busy! Forgive my lateness, but I do adore all of the prizes I won and am super grateful.
I won a gorgeous piece of one of a kind art from the wonderful Natasha May.
It looks just perfect on the left of my cubby of curiosities! The Hubby was the one that suggested hanging it there.
OWOH Prize Wonderful Art
Next up we have some wonderful art journals! I was lucky enough to win 2!
On the left is a wonderful one with a handmade cover from Linda. She also sent that sweet little accordion book and a tag that has been added to an art journal.
On the left is a great moleskin from Stephanie. I can't wait to start adding things to both journals!
OWOH Prizes Art Journals
Next up is a wonderful leather cuff I won from J. The green eye freaks people out so it makes me love wearing it even more!
OWOH Prize Leather Cuff
Another bracelet from the wonderful Melody . This bracelet fits me so well! I love wearing it and always get lots of wonderful comments on it.OWOH Prize Chainmaille Bracelet
Finally, I won a copy of the book "Cake Pops" from Chris. I don't have a photo of the book, but if you google it you can find tons of cute images! I already went out and bought the ingredients to make the little chicks for Easter!

Thank you to all of the One World One Heart participants and the lovely few that I won fantastic prizes from! I had a great time meeting so many wonderful new bloggers!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

WIP Sunday: My Friends Call Me An Over Achiever

I had an amazing weekend sewing with my best quilty gal pals! Saturday morning we started early with doughnuts and quilts! We sewed all day until I had to go home and feed my Hubby. Then this morning bright and early we finished up those doughnuts and got back to the sewing! LOL
My friends called me an over achiever because I managed to finish up lots of projects that were in the works. I also got a good head start on several new projects.
The western quilt top was finished Friday night just in time to show it off at the wedding! Whew! I take it to the quilter tomorrow and the bride and groom will get it in a couple weeks after hand sewing is finished.
Western Quilt Top
I'm calling this a WIP for today since I did sew up the binding and wind it all up ready for when it comes back from the quilter.
Next I finished up what has been dubbed by my Hubby as "Ugly Quilt". Ok, so I called it that at first too, but now I really do love it. The name has stuck however and so I say, "ugly quilts need love too!"
Triple Rail Ugly Quilt
The entire quilt top was made with $13 of fabric from the clearance rack at the local quilt store! I also bought the backing there for another $15! Total score! It will go to the long arm quilter tomorrow too. It is all mine and I can't wait to cuddle up under all that gaudy goodness. I also completed the binding for this one today and it is happily rolled up on a empty toilet paper roll (Thanks Betty;) )
I also managed to cut all of the fabric I'm going to need to complete another quilt from the "Dare to Be Square" book by Boo Davis. I can't say enough good things about that book!
A baby quilt for a couple of friends that are expecting in August.
WIP Sunday Baby Quilt
Finally, last, but not least I managed to cut out the sewing machine cozy for my crafty pal Heidi (Digital Misfit)
I've been planning this for ages and plan on making a whole set of sewing accessories in this fabric to match her bedroom.
WIP Sunday Sewing Machine Cozy
I was going to make it very simple, but with a little encouragement from a friend (ahhh hem Megan) it will be reversible and have some fun accents.
So yes, I am an over achiever and proud of it, dammit! What a great weekend!

Monday, March 7, 2011

WIP Sunday: So Busy!

So I know I'm a day late! I was just so busy yesterday! Cleaning house, sewing quilt blocks, preparing a wonderful supper, meeting at the art center, whew!

The western quilt is all ready to be assembled! I've really flown on this quilt! The wedding it is intended as a gift for is on the 11th and even though it won't be done I plan on taking the quilt top there and showing the bride and groom before whisking it away to the quilter. I put it up on my design wall (which is behind some support beams so the photo is taken at an angle) and took a photo.
WIP Sunday: YeeeHaw!
Just sewing along and hoping for spring!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thor's Hammer

My Hubby fell in love with this pattern available at
He decided he wanted it embroidered in red on a black shirt! I sent him off to buy the shirt and prepared the pattern. He returned with said shirt and it took me MONTHS to complete it! Not that it was hard to do, I just kept putting it aside to work on something else. I finally finished it and now want to share it with the world!
Thor's Hammer

He loves it so much he's already worn it once! I love how it turned out and hope he wears it lots since it did take all that time to make.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


My mermaid assignment for the M3 on ning is finished! I'm really loving the way she turned out. I may add more later as I'm not totally convinced she is finished, but I guess only time will tell.
I call the painting "Tempest" because of the ship entangled in her hair.
It is on an old piece of shelving from our kitchen remodel! The wood made a lovely texture and letting the grain show through really was fun.
Tempest Close Up
Lots of fun cracks and stuff to lend to the aged look I wanted. I struggled with those boobies, but in the end I think they came out fine! Who knew, boobies are so hard to draw/paint!
Ship Close Up
A close up of the ship that I drew based on a vintage embroidery pattern I found on flickr.
Lots of layering and lots of fun! On to the last weeks assignment; fairies and unicorns!