Friday, March 18, 2011

New Sewing Machine Fund

Sadly, it is time. Time to put away the trusted old machines and move on to something new. My wonderful old friends are getting tired. Tired of all of the abuse I impose upon them with my over achieving ways. The "Magic Machine" is so tired it started popping belts on a weekly basis! The "Old Man" is fairing better, but sounding a bit clanky. I'll keep sewing on the "Old Man" for now, but as I sew I will be dreaming of a new friend!

I made a jar to sit in the kitchen window sill to help me remember my goal and make a safe place to put a little extra cash now and then.
New Sewing Machine Fund
An old black jar I had laying around with a spiffy new label to let the world know what I'm saving for! I found that vintage ad on flickr in the collage group and just knew it was perfect. I had to give her a fun new hat and a stamped and inked background. I started the fund with the last $2 cash I had in my wallet and encouraged the Hubby to put some in too. I don't think he has, but I'll keep gently reminding him ;)
My goal is $500 so I can buy a new Bernina. Something not too fancy, but a bit more advanced than my antiques! I think I deserve something new for a change! Wish me luck! I'll keep the progress updated. I do have a Birthday coming up, wonder if I can get everyone to just donate money to the cause?!


priti.lisa said...

What a great idea!
Good luck on your goal :)

Kira said...

Aw, sorry to hear the old thing kicked the bucket :( I like your jar, though. I hope it fills up quick!

Sherezada said...

Great idea! With such a cool jar, you'll be even more encouraged to put money in it. You'll have a new machine before you know it!