Sunday, March 13, 2011

WIP Sunday: My Friends Call Me An Over Achiever

I had an amazing weekend sewing with my best quilty gal pals! Saturday morning we started early with doughnuts and quilts! We sewed all day until I had to go home and feed my Hubby. Then this morning bright and early we finished up those doughnuts and got back to the sewing! LOL
My friends called me an over achiever because I managed to finish up lots of projects that were in the works. I also got a good head start on several new projects.
The western quilt top was finished Friday night just in time to show it off at the wedding! Whew! I take it to the quilter tomorrow and the bride and groom will get it in a couple weeks after hand sewing is finished.
Western Quilt Top
I'm calling this a WIP for today since I did sew up the binding and wind it all up ready for when it comes back from the quilter.
Next I finished up what has been dubbed by my Hubby as "Ugly Quilt". Ok, so I called it that at first too, but now I really do love it. The name has stuck however and so I say, "ugly quilts need love too!"
Triple Rail Ugly Quilt
The entire quilt top was made with $13 of fabric from the clearance rack at the local quilt store! I also bought the backing there for another $15! Total score! It will go to the long arm quilter tomorrow too. It is all mine and I can't wait to cuddle up under all that gaudy goodness. I also completed the binding for this one today and it is happily rolled up on a empty toilet paper roll (Thanks Betty;) )
I also managed to cut all of the fabric I'm going to need to complete another quilt from the "Dare to Be Square" book by Boo Davis. I can't say enough good things about that book!
A baby quilt for a couple of friends that are expecting in August.
WIP Sunday Baby Quilt
Finally, last, but not least I managed to cut out the sewing machine cozy for my crafty pal Heidi (Digital Misfit)
I've been planning this for ages and plan on making a whole set of sewing accessories in this fabric to match her bedroom.
WIP Sunday Sewing Machine Cozy
I was going to make it very simple, but with a little encouragement from a friend (ahhh hem Megan) it will be reversible and have some fun accents.
So yes, I am an over achiever and proud of it, dammit! What a great weekend!


Digital Misfit said...

Full of awesome!
I am always amazed by how much you manage to get done, and get done so WELL! Seriously - you quilt like you have been doing it all your life, not like you just learned last year.
LOVE the sneak peek of my cozy!

Megan said...

I can't wait to see all these projects completed!!! :D

Kira said...

That weiner dog quilt is SO excellent! It took me a sec to sort out what it was, but once I did, I about flipped. You are definitely ambitious, but luckily you've got the talent to back it all up! :D