Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Oh I'm So Ashamed!

I'm so ashamed. Life has become one giant whirl wind of work and it has robbed me of my time to express myself and create. I hate it. I always hate it. Sadly it happens every year at this time. I disappear from all of my crafty pursuits to make things grow and help spring along.
We've been preparing for an open house at the green house this entire week and it has sapped me of my time and energy. The open house is tomorrow and hopefully I'll sneak a chance to get some pictures of what has been keeping me so busy!

I thought I'd catch up on my WIP Sunday with a shot of my stitching I'm working on for the art center project. A line drawing of the entire building!
James Memorial Stitching

I'm trying to replicate the sketchy look in double and single strand. I'm really happy with it so far! I've also had two completed pieces turned in by others in the stitching group. Stay tuned for a post about those as well.

Also I finished up the last little something for Heidi's package! A thread catcher to match her sewing machine cozy!
Digital Misfit's Thread Catcher
I can't wait until next week! No more open house and I can get my morning crafty time back!


Digital Misfit said...

yay awesomeness! Your stitching is gorgeous as always, and I am so jazzed for my fab new cozy & catcher!

Designs By CK said...

BIG CONGRATS!!! ~ You VON my "Gnome Jack" postcard print at the EHAG Emporium giveaway!!!

I'll email U today 4 your vitals.

SpOOky Best,
Chris >:-)

Hello there! My name is June said...

Don't be ashamed! It happens to us all! I think the times where we aren't able to express our creativity are there just to make the times when we can be so creative that more special! Don't you feel like a racehorse just ready for the gate to open? What a rush when your gate opens!!!


...and they're off!!!