Sunday, April 3, 2011

WIP Sunday: Time For Binding!

I'm binding. What more can I say. I love to create quilts. I love the process of picking a pattern and fabric, I love the cutting, piecing, and taking it to the quilter to get that final touch, but binding is like a nightmare! Right now I'm still binding the western quilt and the "ugly quilt". Ugly quilt is in the lead with 2 finished sides, but western quilt needs to get done since it was a gift. I'll spare you the boring photos of binding and you can see the finished quilts soon!

This is what is taking away my crafty time. Plants! The greenhouse is in full swing and I'm trying to get everything planted! We held an open house to get people in the mood for spring and it was wonderful! We've never invited the public to come and see how we get started. We are a real greenhouse, growing things from tiny starters and seed. The public was very interested to see how it all gets growing. My Mom and I took the time to create this piece of planted drift wood before the open house. The Hubby and I found the drift wood last summer and Mom used her talents to turn it into something that could be filled with wonderful succulents. I helped run the stapler and choose and place the plants.
Planted Drift Wood

Also a little piece of art I made to send along to Heidi in her package that keeps growing! I promised it would be a surprise so I'm only showing off a little teaser!
Teaser for Heidi
Back to binding!

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Digital Misfit said...

ohhh great live driftwood sculpture! I love the creative ways you and Mom do your planting arrangements.
I cant wait to see my art and goodies! ARGH I need to finish yours! :P