Monday, April 11, 2011

WIP Sunday: I'm Late Again!

Oh, how this time of year takes its toll on my life! I miss my crafty time so much! I try and try to make the time, but it is hard to do when you are exhausted from physical labor when you finally get home at night! I do have my early mornings back so I plan on getting started on several things.

I don't really have that many things I'm working on now. Still finishing up a bit of binding, working on the art center stitching project, and that's about it right now. My yard has a WIP! Mother Nature has finally saw fit to remove the ice and snow from my flower beds and look what I found today!
WIP Spring!
I have hundreds of tulips also popping through, but the sight of these little crocus really give me hope. I have zillions of tulips, but for some reason I can plant billions of crocus bulbs and each year I only get to see about 2 bloom! So these special little messengers of spring make me super happy.
In other exciting news I'm all ready to take the class from the national teacher this Sunday at the art center. My fabric came in today and I sent the Hubby after the pattern at the quilt store last week. What a wonderful Hubby, that he will take a handwritten note from me to the quilt store and the wonderful ladies there will get him what I need!
WIP Slice and Dice Quilt
I'm making it for my mother in law for Christmas. Lots of time to play with it! She loves blues and greens so I picked out some great batiks. You can find the pattern and lots of other great patterns from Cheryl Wittmayer. Can't wait to get started!
I'll also be starting that baby quilt I have all cut out and ready to sew soon!
One more bit of news for this post ,I have enough money in the sewing machine fund!!!!
Now to just get to take the drive to find my new best friend! I'll let you all know when I get something new!


Digital Misfit said...

Yay! You're alive! I miss my friend :(
Can't wait to see this quilt - you seriously ROCK at quilting!

Inez said...

Woohoo! Spring! My daffodils just came up the other day, too. Those fabrics are lovely! I'm excited to see the end results.