Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

I just wanted to share a few of my favorite things. I have this little table in my dining room corner. The table is special because it was the very first piece of furniture my Grandma refinished and I helped. She decided I should have it when I got my house. My Great Great Grandfather made the table. I like to keep some of my favorite things on it. It is a real conversation starter.
My Table of Favorite Things
The doily was made as a wedding gift from my Great Aunt. The bird house in the back was a gift from a family member. Knickertwist (you can find her blog in my fave list ---->) made me the elf and the wee fairy house under glass. The deer on a grassy knoll was made by Digital Misfit (her blog is there as well ----->) OneGroovyDay from Craftster made me the peacock stuffie. The newest addition to the table is my amazing figure by the artist Lisa Petrucci sent to me by Kitty Kill (her blog is over yonder too! --->).
I rotate things sometimes and add things for the holidays. A special place for special things from special friends!


Digital Misfit said...

awww such sweetness! I love to have my favorite things all around me too. In fact, there is a plush chicken drumstick right in front of me LOL!
btw - you know you CAN stick a pin into the grassy knoll...

Jaclyn T said...

So cute! I like how the table has a story plus you have an adorable display on it.

kittykill said...

I love being a part of your special table. You are just too wonderful for words!