Monday, April 18, 2011

WIP Sunday: Slice and Dice

I mentioned the wonderful pattern I was going to be taking a class on last week. Yesterday (Sunday) was the class! It was lots of fun and a very productive class.
The quilt starts out with a bunch of random 4 patch blocks. Mine were random, but some people did it matchy matchy.
Slice and Dice Beginnings
After laying out the 4 patches in a way that made me happy I started the slice and dice part!
I have 2 full rows and 1 block done just in class!
Excuse the blurry counter top photo. It is early!
Slice and Dice WIP
The quilt is 5 rows of 4 so I'll be done in no time! I have so much of the blue and green batiks left over I think I'm going to try Cheryl Wittmayer's other pattern called "Curvalishish" in the same fabrics. I'll figure out someone to give it to!

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