Sunday, January 30, 2011

WIP Sunday: Be My Skully Valentine!

Whew! What a wonderful Sunday! I've been secretly getting up at 8 am and working on this quilt for my Hubby for awhile now. He leaves for work at about 7:30 am and I sneak up after he leaves and work until I have to go to my job. Today I managed to finish it up! I will be purchasing backing fabric tomorrow and sewing that together and getting it to the quilter on Tuesday! Yay!
Basket Case Quilt Top
It was somewhat of a danger trying to get a pic of the finished top as I had to stand on a stool and try to snap the shot. It isn't the best pic, but you get the idea anyway! The pattern is from the book, "Dare to be Square" by Boo Davis. I highly recommend the book! Her quilts are super fun and super easy!

Oh, and stay tuned for the One World One Heart Giveaway post which will be up around midnight tonight!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

One World One Heart Sneak Peek!

The One World One Heart Giveaway Event starts officially on January 30th. I thought it would be fun to post a sneak peek at the 2 pieces I've made for giveaway this year. You can check out the rules for participating here:

I decided to do a piece of art for this years giveaway. Something whimsical and full of fun. I've been so inspired by mixed media lately. Here is a sneak peek!OWOH Giveaway Sneak Peek
Interesting right?

Here is a sneak peek of the other prize. Something I'd never tried before! I love learning new things and I just knew I had to learn something new to make a prize for this wonderful event.
OWOH Sneak Peek
So remember to come back here on the 30th to leave a comment for a chance to win a prize! I may add another prize if I reach a high number of comments! Also, seriously think about participating this event is so much fun and you meet lots of fun people and get to read some great blogs!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Goddess of the Inner Flame

I finished my goddess painting! I'm so pleased. The wonderful inspirations from Tam and everyone taking the M3 course on Ning really make me happy and creative. Here she is in all of her Klimt inspired glory.
Goddess of the Inner Flame
The canvas is a 20x20 inch square and was hard to photo up close and get it all in. I did my best. I may take some outdoor photos later. Here is a close up of the texture. It is so lovely! I used my homemade texture paste (gesso and baking soda). It has a wonderful golden gleam too.
Goddess Texture
I also wanted to share a close up of her face. I worked so hard and with Tam's suggestions managed to draw the best face I've ever done. I can't wait to play with this more. Next week we are starting work on angels. I've already done one from the Art, Heart, and Healing course so it should be fun. I think we are working on wood next week! So find your own inner flame goddess and be who you want to be.
Goddess Close Up

Sunday, January 23, 2011

WIP Sunday: Goddess In Progress

Lots of work done today! Still working on the goddess for the M3 class over on Ning. I took Tam's suggestions in her feedback and did a bit of fixing. I'm so pleased! I cannot believe I drew and painted this! Here is my Klimt inspired goddess so far.
M3 WIP Goddess
I just finished up the doodles on her dress as my photos were uploading, but I'll keep it a secret until she is finished to share them. I think she will be holding some swirly fire in her outstretched had. I still have a bit of shading to do on the face, but I'm loving it so far.
M3 WIP Goddess Face
The other thing I got done today was I buzzed on over to a friends and used her accu cut go machine to cut up the strips for a quilt I want to get done in a hurry for my Hubby for Valentine's Day. I'm sure I can do it, but other things may take a back seat for a bit. LOL
The pattern is from the book "Dare To Be Square" by Boo Davis. I got the book for Christmas and can't wait to make several of the quilts from it.
Here are the strips all laid out with the book page that shows the pattern I'm using.WIP Quilt
I didn't get some things done I wanted to do today, but tomorrow morning is another time to work work work!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Creating A Goddess

I have finally had time to start on my lessons for the class I'm taking with Tam over on ning. You can click the button over there ---------> to check it out.
With this class I'm working really hard to not strive for perfection. I want to create something I'm happy with and that is good enough. I bought a new art journal to work on the weekly prompts in and when I started playing the paper went mushy! Uhg! I tried gesso and that helped a bit, but it is still pretty yucky to work on. I'll share one of my sketches. This one turned out better, but the paper is slightly crinkly.
M3 Art Journal Prompt
In week one we are working on Klimt inspired goddesses. I love Klimt and I love Goddesses so this is very fun! I started sketching on my large 20x20 inch square canvas today. When it is completed it will adorn the hallway. I can't wait! I still have some tweaking to do of the hair line and arm. I'm not satisfied with the proportions of the arm yet. Oh, and I'll draw fingers.
M3 Week One Goddess Sketch
I'm hoping Tam will have some feedback to help me make the right corrections before I begin to color it. I also finished my two pieces of art that will be given away for the One World One Heart Blog Event! I can't wait to share them! One of the gifties is even something completely new for me!
I think I'll share a sneak peek tomorrow so stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stepping Out of My Box

I must admit I agonize over things sometimes. I worry what I'm doing isn't "right". I fret over the fact that something I create is different than I imagined. I hold back from being too messy, but am always trying to achieve that messy look. Why can't I just let go?
I do so many different types of art and crafts (to me they are the same, but that is another rant) that I find it hard sometimes to switch from the perfectionism part of quilting to the open, freeness of mixed media and painting. I sometimes beat myself up over not sewing the perfect seam or lining up the fabric just so and then I beat myself up over not being able to splat paint around on the canvas in a carefree manner. So hard to find a happy medium.
I worry to much. I worry to much about that perfect seam and that perfect sloppiness. It is time to learn to get over it. Let it go. Stop worrying about being perfect. I try so hard sometimes it stops being fun. That is not the point of art. Art should be fun, carefree, and enjoyable. Not something to worry about. My long term goal for this year is to stop worrying about my art. Whether it is a crooked seam or a piece of art that just isn't quit messy enough I'm going to accept it. No more telling myself it isn't perfect. So what. Move on. Make more art. Try again tomorrow.

Monday, January 17, 2011

WIP Sunday: Sister's Birthday Edition

So really I don't have anything I can share on WIP Sunday and I know, it is Monday! LOL I didn't have time yesterday to post as I was bustling around trying to get the binding sewn on the giant Birthday quilt! I ended up heading over to a friends with the quilt and a couple of my dear friends grabbed a needle and thread and helped me sew. I wouldn't have gotten it finished if it weren't for them! So a HUGE thank you to my quilty girls!

I didn't get very good pictures as I was in a hurry to wrap it up and get to the party. I'll take a few better photos later when it is on my sisters new bed, but for now I can share a couple of photos.
Tumbling Bright Blossoms
The pattern is the shop hop quilt from this year. I bought strips at 5 different shops and the finishing kit at one shop that came with the extra colored fabric, print, and pattern. I then bought the backing fabric and set to work. It is called the tumbling bright blossoms quilt. This thing is HUGE! Only my third quilt and it had so many pieces. I agonized over getting everything just right and it turned out wonderful. It is 81 inches by 100 inches.
Here is the 10th Birthday girl with her quilt. She loved it and can't wait to put it on her new bed.
Birthday Girl
I had it long arm quilted by a wonderful local quilter. I'll have to get a close up of the great quilting too.

Anyway, that is how I spent my WIP Sunday!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

WIP Sunday: OWOH Start!

So after not getting many suggestions on the previous post on what I should make for One World One Heart giveaway day I took matters into my own hands. I had started sketching this little whimsy girl a while back and decided she will be the center piece for a work of art. I have tons of fun ideas for the background floating around in my head. We'll just have to see how it works out.

I'm also going to sew SIX yards of fabric together today for the backing of that WIP quilt I'm making for my little sister's 10th Birthday! The quilt top is all done and with the backing sewn I'll be taking it to the long arm quilter tomorrow. I hope it only takes her three days to get it done, because that will leave me three days to sew on the binding. Oh, and did I mention this quilt is HUGE! 81"X100"! Yikes! That is a lot of hand stitching that I hate.
Here is the backing fabric.
Quilty Back
Lots to do! Off to eat some lunch and go to coffee with the gals, then sewing and art! ;)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

One World One Heart 2011

The wonderful Whimsical Bohemian has announced the date for the fifth and final One World One Heart giveaway. I'm sad it will be the last year, but this just makes me want to participate all the more.
I just need some input from my wonderful bloggy friends! Last year I did a gypsy prim art doll. She was one of my favorite prims I've ever made. It was almost sad to see her leave and fly off to her new home. I also made a silk rosette headband and a couple of ATC for 2nd and 3rd prizes. This year I want to do something just as special. I think in honor of it being the final year two pieces of art and two winners would be grand. I'm just having a hard time deciding on what to make! Here's where you come in, leave me a suggestion on what you'd like to see. I've been tossing around the idea of another prim art doll, some mixed media canvas, a shrine or nicho, a needle sculpted doll, a mug rug, oh my! I just do too many things. So what would you like to win?

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Hand Made Holiday Additions

I've been waiting to receive my last ornament for the Trim the Tree Ornament Swap on flickr so I could share them here. The Hubby and I took the tree down yesterday and wouldn't you know the mail man brought my last ornie today! Oh well, I'll have it as a new addition next year. I just love having hand made ornaments for the tree. They mean so much!

Here is the first one I received from Sewjo2009. Look at that gorgeous smocking!
1st Ornament received
Next up is this super cute birdie from Modernsewl. I love the stamping on the wing!
My New Little Birdie

Last, but not least, is this super cute wool birdie from Kelli in Wonderland.
Last Trim The Tree Ornie
Three wonderful ornies to add to the ever growing collection! Such a fun swap! I look forward to doing it again.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

WIP Sunday: Happy New Year!

I've decided to continue with my WIP Sunday posts even though Christmas is over and the gift making frenzy is done. I find it motivating to share things I'm working on.

If you read the last post I was in a panic at how to get the applique to work for my little sister's Birthday quilt. After posting on Craftster in the help thread for quilter's someone gave me some great advice. I was told to use heat and bond lite and it worked wonderfully!
Appliqued Block 2
I managed to get all eight blocks aqqpliqued. I had only 1 pucker, but with a bunch of ironing and some best press it looks like it going to be fine. Here is one more of my fave blocks.
Appliqued Block 1
Now I just have to finish 32 more pieced blocks and start assembly! I need to have it to the long arm quilter sometime next week so I can get it bound before the Birthday! Nothing like cutting it close! I know she'll love it and she's getting a new bed so this will be her new comforter.
Tumbling Bright Blossoms Blocks
Happy New Year everyone. Here is to crafting up a storm in 2011!