Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Goddess of the Inner Flame

I finished my goddess painting! I'm so pleased. The wonderful inspirations from Tam and everyone taking the M3 course on Ning really make me happy and creative. Here she is in all of her Klimt inspired glory.
Goddess of the Inner Flame
The canvas is a 20x20 inch square and was hard to photo up close and get it all in. I did my best. I may take some outdoor photos later. Here is a close up of the texture. It is so lovely! I used my homemade texture paste (gesso and baking soda). It has a wonderful golden gleam too.
Goddess Texture
I also wanted to share a close up of her face. I worked so hard and with Tam's suggestions managed to draw the best face I've ever done. I can't wait to play with this more. Next week we are starting work on angels. I've already done one from the Art, Heart, and Healing course so it should be fun. I think we are working on wood next week! So find your own inner flame goddess and be who you want to be.
Goddess Close Up


K.Michele said...

She turned out beautiful!

Audio said...

I am sooo blown away by this! I love it! So beautiful!! I'm wisting!!

AlwaysInspired said...


Digital Misfit said...

Want VERY much.
Must visit to steal.

Dena said...

I really like what you did with the dress here, the collage and then the doodles. Inspiring.

Teressa Thompson said...

This is glorious! I'm so envious of you taking this class. I'd be there with you if it was in the budget!

I know I'm supposed to comment on the OWOH post, but when I saw you did mixed media...well who could stop at one bite?


Blissful Pumpkin said...

wow, your goddess turned out well. Tam is a great teacher isn't she. Great work.
Kyles =D

missy k said...

This is gorgeous!


Rossylalah said...

Hi, I wonder if I could ask you for a bit more information on this course? I love your goddess and I love the idea you gave about the home made texture paste, could you give me the recipe please? Thankyou for your inspiration!

Hello there! My name is June said...

This is awesome!!! She is gorgeous!!!

di from di-did-it said...

this piece is absolutely beautiful!