Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stepping Out of My Box

I must admit I agonize over things sometimes. I worry what I'm doing isn't "right". I fret over the fact that something I create is different than I imagined. I hold back from being too messy, but am always trying to achieve that messy look. Why can't I just let go?
I do so many different types of art and crafts (to me they are the same, but that is another rant) that I find it hard sometimes to switch from the perfectionism part of quilting to the open, freeness of mixed media and painting. I sometimes beat myself up over not sewing the perfect seam or lining up the fabric just so and then I beat myself up over not being able to splat paint around on the canvas in a carefree manner. So hard to find a happy medium.
I worry to much. I worry to much about that perfect seam and that perfect sloppiness. It is time to learn to get over it. Let it go. Stop worrying about being perfect. I try so hard sometimes it stops being fun. That is not the point of art. Art should be fun, carefree, and enjoyable. Not something to worry about. My long term goal for this year is to stop worrying about my art. Whether it is a crooked seam or a piece of art that just isn't quit messy enough I'm going to accept it. No more telling myself it isn't perfect. So what. Move on. Make more art. Try again tomorrow.


AlphaBetsy said...

I have this problem as well. I tend to agonize and then am surprised when other people can't see the obvious flaws I do. I am working to overcome this and just enjoy creating as well. :) Do they have a program for this?

Kira said...

I have confidence in you as an artist, having been lucky enough to see some of your work in person :) Don't be too hard on yourself... Just have fun, and if you make something you hate, you can always toss it in the trash can and keep it a secret. Or hey, send it to me, because I'd probably love it!

Helen said...

It's so hard I know....we have a set image in our mind of what we want to do, and it rarely ends up that way we expected. I say enjoy the journey. Enjoy what you are doing and worry less about the end result. And accept that what you produce, is just that...it's your work and has it's own style of it's own....and be proud of that!! :)

AlwaysInspired said...

You guys are all wonderful! I'm getting better and making a HUGE effort to not be negative Nelly about some of my work. Only constructive criticism and working to make things better, not perfect.
Kira you are such a sweetie!