Thursday, January 20, 2011

Creating A Goddess

I have finally had time to start on my lessons for the class I'm taking with Tam over on ning. You can click the button over there ---------> to check it out.
With this class I'm working really hard to not strive for perfection. I want to create something I'm happy with and that is good enough. I bought a new art journal to work on the weekly prompts in and when I started playing the paper went mushy! Uhg! I tried gesso and that helped a bit, but it is still pretty yucky to work on. I'll share one of my sketches. This one turned out better, but the paper is slightly crinkly.
M3 Art Journal Prompt
In week one we are working on Klimt inspired goddesses. I love Klimt and I love Goddesses so this is very fun! I started sketching on my large 20x20 inch square canvas today. When it is completed it will adorn the hallway. I can't wait! I still have some tweaking to do of the hair line and arm. I'm not satisfied with the proportions of the arm yet. Oh, and I'll draw fingers.
M3 Week One Goddess Sketch
I'm hoping Tam will have some feedback to help me make the right corrections before I begin to color it. I also finished my two pieces of art that will be given away for the One World One Heart Blog Event! I can't wait to share them! One of the gifties is even something completely new for me!
I think I'll share a sneak peek tomorrow so stay tuned!

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