Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Witches and Stitches!

I have started my decorating! Woot! My amazing Hubby and his Dad helped me out to make this super fun witch for the front yard. I need to get a broom for her empty hand, but other than that she is haunting my yard. She looks really neat at night with the spot light behind her, but it doesn't make for a good photo. I'll try again tonight.

I also finished another 3 D star table topper! These are so fun to make! This is another Day of the Dead inspired one. I added rick rack for a festive touch, and I just adore rick rack and think it is highly under used.3D Star Day of The Dead Table Topper
Here is a close up of the fussy cut center!Close Up of Star

Can you believe my little girl is 4 months old!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

WIP Sunday: Hauntingly Fun!

Fall is upon us! I woke up this morning to the smells of fall coming in my bedroom window! I was so inspired I had to bake some cookies. My special only for fall and winter time cookies, Great Grandma Hurley's cookie jar favorites. That is what she called them, to most they are molasses cookies. Yummy!

Here they are in my favorite cookie jar!

I also got started on a new yard decoration for Halloween! I'm going a bit nuts since it is the baby's first Halloween and of course my favorite holiday. I found an awesome witch via pinterest. It is from Martha Stewart's website. I taped my printed pattern together today so I can go material shopping tomorrow! Squeee! I'm trying to talk the Hubby into running the skill saw so I don't chop off any fingers. Witchy Pattern

I also finished up one of my 3D star table toppers! This is the one I was working on in the class. It is already on my dining room table. This pattern was so fun I have 2 more in the works and one planned for a Christmas gift.

Camera dump 388

Here is a close up of my fussy cut center! I adore this fabric and it was hard to cut a piece out.Camera dump 390
Off to have rueben's with the in laws and watch last nights episode of Doctor Who! Have a lovely Sunday!

Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm Back!

New computer, new computer, new computer, yea yea yea! WOOOOO HOOOOOO!
I feel so much better now that I have access to my stuff!
The Hubby had surgery on Thursday so my crafty pursuits have been limited as I've been taking care of him and Avinell! (What a job!) I did start working on Halloween costumes for my Sis and Avinell! I can't wait to complete them! I'll give you a hint: BRAIIINNNNNSSSSS!

I haven't really managed to craft much. Things just got slow. I've made some drooly bibs. (Yes, my little girl digs batman!)

Happy Friday! Batman drooly bib!

A little ATC sized painting.Little owl

And a piece for the annual art auction held for the art center. (This isn't a pic of the finished piece. I just realized I didn't get a finished photo. I'll take one Thursday.)A Dream Of Whimsy

I have a class tomorrow night with my favorite quilting instructor! I'm super excited to get out of the house and sew with my friends! I have my fabric all cut! It is an amazing 3 D star table topper! I'll share it as soon as it is finished now that I can use a computer for reals!

I need to catch up and figure out what I have and haven't blogged! Yikes. I've missed this!

Friday, August 17, 2012

I'm Still Around!

Sad news my friends, my desk top computer is dead....
The old girl had a great run, she was 8 years old! This explains my absence. I have been only using my ipod touch and the notebook computer I have for work to acess the internet. I hate using the netbook as it is super slow and I hate typing on the stupid tiny keyboard. Also I don't have access to most of my photos and such to do my blog posts.
Good news though, we are going on a trip to a magical place with a computer store so I can buy a new one! It is my 7th anniversary gift from my amazingly wonderful Hubby! Next week I will have a new computer! I can't wait!
In other news, the Hubby and I spent the day trying to recreate some cookies. My Hubby worked at our local bakery for a few months before it closed. In case you don't know, my Hubby is a trained chef who graduated from Le Cordon Bleu. He doesn't cook for a living anymore, but he is still an amazing chef. These cookies were famous. Big sugar cookies with glaze and goofy frosting faces. They were known as "face cookies", of course. My Hubby was promised the recipie, but didn't get it when the bakery closed. We researched and found a cookie we thought was close, made a few modifications. Next came frosting research. We found a glaze that needed a lot of modifications and then the perfect frosting recipie for the faces and ta da!
We nailed it! They taste amazing!
Look for my welcome back blog post when I get my new computer!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Two Little Monkeys

I finished up my last project that popped up! Two little monkeys for a friends twins 2nd Birthday! They will get their presents today and I can't wait to see if they like them! Homemade toys are always better!

Meet Ethan Monkey! He wears a green checked shirt, denim shorts, a polka dotted tie, and little wee converse style sneakers!Ethan Monkey

Meet Emily Monkey! She has polka dot socks, purple mary jane shoes, and a fun patchwork skirt!Emily Monkey

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

I love pinterest! Damn, it is so distracting to a girl that is trying to work on WIP's! Avinell needed an itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini after I saw one in pink on Pinterest. It only took maybe 15 minutes to complete with the assistance of my sister who kept Avinell entertained while I sewed. I forgive myself for straying from my WIP's after I saw her wearing it!

Squee! Adorable! OK, so I can't stay on task. I have one other "just popped up " project in mind. A couple of gifts that must be made!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back In The Swing Of Things

Avinell is officially a month old!

This is her one month picture with her monkey Sunshine. I'm going to take a photo of her each month with Sunshine to watch her grow! 

Now that she is a month old and not as needy as a true newborn it is time for Momma to get back in the swing of things! Today is cleaning the craft room! Avinell is going to "help" by looking cute sitting in her chair sleeping. After the crafty room is clean I can start on my "Summer of WIP's". I want to finish up a million projects that have gotten shoved to the back burner while being preggers. So to keep myself motivated I will share with you lovely people and make myself accountable by continuing to share as I check projects off my list!

1.Chair Before 

Remember this? My rocker I am supposed to paint to match the little Zetti style chair I did ages ago. Well it is going to get finished! It is part of the way painted so I just need to buckle down and finish it up so I can sit in it this summer!

2.Daisy Seeds Block 1 
How about this, do you remember it? My Grandma's quilt blocks that were started last summer for her Birthday. I have 5 of 12 blocks completed. Time to get busy on this too!

3. I have 3 quilts to hand bind as well. The Grinch quilt for myself, Avinell's memory quilt, and the X-Quisitly Amazing quilt for Heidi's Mom. These will become quiet time projects.

4. Avinell's crib quilt needs finished too! I need to put the block components together and then put the blocks together into the finished quilt top. Then off to the quilter and another hand binding project!

For now that is my list! Some large projects to finish! I have a few other small ones, but these will take precedents over the small ones. Oh, and NO NEW PROJECTS! That will be the hardest part to stick to! I love fast "instant gratification" type of projects and I tend to get so over inspired that I want to do a million things. Please help me stay focused my wonderful bloggy friends! Off to get to cleaning with that sweet little helper of mine!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Little Cowgirl

Remember the little cowgirl dress I made? I hope you didn't forget those adorable little crocheted booties either! Well, my little model is here now and wore her dress the other day!
Isn't it cute? She was one happy buckaroo! We even went for a car ride to visit one of her Great Grandmas and she enjoyed it! I discovered today that the bonnets I made are still a bit big so no photos of those yet!

A little note on being a mom: The best job I've ever had! Sure things can get messy, fussy, ect, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Our family is settling in just perfect. Merlin loves his little sister and checks on her to make sure she is still here. He gives her a little lick on occasion to remind us that she is his baby. Avinell is getting fun! She is awake a bit more these days and her little eyes can focus. She sees new things each day and it is so much fun to see her little nose wrinkle up in a smile. We are so lucky Avinell is such a great little girl!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunshine Queen

I thought I would share this painting I did a few days before Avinell was born. I was feeling inspired and spent a few hours creating this! It is mixed media using water soluble crayons, ink, acrylic paint, my inktense pencils and graphite.Sunshine Queen

The photo was taken with instagram so I did add a filter that bumped up the colors, but it is just as fun in real life.
Avinell, Merlin, and I are home alone today for the first time! Daddy had to go back to work after taking three weeks off. So far so good. I'm so lucky to have such a good  baby and a wonderful little furry boy that likes to help. We are headed down to the craft room to get our craft on! Never to early to start teaching Avinell how to craft!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Where Has The Time Gone?

I have a 2 week old little girl! Wow! Where has the time gone? Avinell had her 2 week doctor check up today and she is one healthy little Hamster! I'm about ready to get back to crafting now too! Daddy returns to work this week so Avinell will get her first lessons in sewing in the afternoons. :) Never to young to start, right?

I'll share a couple photos of my big girl!
Sunny Day

Remember that ruffled sunhat? She loves it! It fits well and looks so cute! I haven't gotten photos of her wearing the other things I've made as some are still a bit large and it has been dreary here lately so no good photo ops outside. 

Silly face! She loves being outside!

Look at those huge feet! It is so funny that she has my little curled toe!

I promise crafty photos soon! 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Introducing Avinell Anjanette!

She's here! What a absolute wonder! She didn't arrive the way we had planned, but she is healthy, happy, and amazing!

Avinell Anjanette Born May 22, 2012 8lbs. 3 Oz. 21 Inches

I went in for my induction as planned and that is where the planning stopped! The induction was coming along fine until the nurse realized that Avinell's little head was tilted back! She was looking down and out instead of having a nice tucked chin. My labor was stressing her out because instead of coming down it was tilting her little head back further and further. The doctor came in and checked and tryed to get her to turn her chin with no luck so off to the operating room I went with Dad in tow. I was very concerned, but the team of doctors and nurses were amazing! I was in and out in no time with a beautiful little healthy girl! Dad got to go to the nursery with her for her check up and he helped with her first bath  while I was getting all taken care of. I'm feeling surprisingly well and getting around pretty good. I'll heal in no time and having the Hubby home and helping is fantastic. I don't have access to all of the photos I'd like to share as I can't do the steps yet to get to my desktop computer. I'm using my work netbook to do this post.

Here is little Avinell all dressed up in her coming home outfit made by the amazing Heidi (Digital Misfit) She looked so darling! The nurses couldn't get over it. She is such a good baby! So cuddly, quiet, and an excellent eater.
I'll share more photos in a few days! We are one big happy family!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Today Is The Day!

I just wanted to let all my bloggy friends know I leave for the hospital in approximately an hour and ten minutes! Hamster won't be born tonight, but the process will be underway. I really didn't want to have to do it this way, but at this point it is necessary. She is just to dang comfortable in there! I thank you all for the kind comments and well wishes over the last couple of weeks. It has really helped me keep a positive attitude! I'm hoping she will be born sometime tomorrow afternoon and I will be home from the hospital as quickly as possible (i'm hoping Wednesday!). I thought I would share the very last preggers belly photo of me. My father in law took it on Thursday of last week after my last doctors appointment.

I have a silly look on my face and Merlin is creeping in the background, but it proves just how preggers I am! I'm not a huge fan of photos of myself, but this one seems important. To document something huge!

I will appreciate all of the good thoughts, lovely mojo, and prayers that are sent my way. Time to finish crafting the biggest project of my entire life!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hamster Update

STILL no Hamster! I'm still here though. Sewing away. Maybe tonight will be the night. If not tonight then Monday it is regardless of if I want it to be or not. I'll be 9 days past my due date! I'll start the induction process on Monday late afternoon. I'm just hoping that she comes this weekend on her own! Send me good thoughts, please!

I'll leave you with a picture of a little monster I doodled the other day! Hopefully my next post will include a healthy little Hamster photo!Green Rawr!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Little Ruffled Sunhat

STILL no Hamster! The waiting is driving me mad! I don't want to wait until the 21st, I don't want to be induced, and I certainly don't want her to have gotten to big to be delivered normally. I just feel like I could throw a tantrum. Not that it would help. I'm just trying my best to stay calm and think positive thoughts. I was awake a lot last night and that didn't help my mood today either. No sane person should be awake at 5 am pinning on Pinterest if they don't have to get up!
Last night before bed to ease my brain a bit and get my mind off things I made Hamster a little ruffled sunhat. Another Pinterest pattern from this blog. I will certainly be making these in all sizes! The pattern is super cute, easy to make from scraps, and will work wonderfully!
With no little noggin to model I turned to Merlin. He certainly wishes Hamster would come soon so he can stop being pestered into wearing her accessories!Oh, please!

More leftover scraps from the Half Moon Modern fabrics from Moda that I am making the crib quilt from!Ruffled Sunhat

I guess by delaying her entrance into the world this little girl is working on a killer wardrobe! 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Still No Hamster, But I Made Her A Friend!

Hamster hasn't arrived yet! I had a wonderful Mother's Day anyway! Hubby, Hamster, and Merlin gave me a gorgeous emerald and diamond necklace! Emerald is Hamster's birth stone (if she ever decides to show up!) I set to work making Hamster a friend yesterday too. I needed something to keep my mind off the fact that I was 1 day past my due date and still feeling fantastic.

I found the Molly Monkey pattern on mmmcrafts blog and just knew Hamster would need a friend. I've named her Sunny. The yellow, gray, and white fabrics are from the Half Moon Modern line that I'm also making the crib quilt from! It will match her room perfectly. I had leftovers after cutting out the quilt pieces so I thought I'd make a few other things with it too. 

Sunny's Close Up

Isn't that face just adorable? I'm hoping Hamster is just as cute!Sunny's Backside

Sunny stood up to show off her tail! Also the cute little bow on the back of her beret. Everything is sewn on so Sunny and Hamster can have a ton of fun adventures together without her loosing her hat or shoes! Also as I want her to be loved and snuggled things sewn on are probably just safer. 

They have set me an induction date of May 21st, but I'm hoping I can coax this little Hamster out on her own! I've been trying everything to get her to start her exit, but nothing has worked so far. I've felt so good these last few days it is amazing. I'm hoping she gets a move on! So while I wait I will be as creative as I can to keep my mind off the wishing she was here!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Little Sunshine

I couldn't resist making a little something today. I've decided Hamster will need some toys made by Momma too! I found this pattern on Pinterest too! A little sunshine with some rainbow taggies!Sunshine Taggie Plush made by me!
He is made from some super soft minky fleece in a soft butter yellow. I used different ribbons, lace, and rick rack for the taggies. I think he is super sweet and will be loved.

Still no Hamster to love this little taggie though! I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning so we shall see. My due date is Saturday! Wish me luck! I feel she will arrive later rather than sooner. ;)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Yuki the Magic Bunny

The wonderful I Sew Cute , who designs amazing embroidery patterns, asked me to stitch up one of her new ones! It is based on her adorable bunny Yuki! I swear this rabbit is a super star! Her photography of the little critter always makes me smile. I jumped at the chance to stitch it up, especially since stitching requires sitting still. A huge thanks to June for giving me something to do yesterday!

Yuki the Magic Bunny

I found this wonderful Emerson quote on line and really liked how it went with this particular version of Yuki. So full on contemplation and wonder. 

Yuki the Magic Bunny

Here is a close up of just Yuki. I stitched the entire thing on some unbleached linen in 2-3 strands of floss. I used split stitch, back stitch, and a touch of satin stitch. I'm not sure what I'm going to create with this little lovely! It is about 8X10. I was thinking maybe a lovely throw pillow cover for Hamster's room or maybe just frame it and hang it up. What do you think?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

WIP Sunday: Memories Of Grandpa

My Hubby's Grandpa passed away before Christmas. It was a hard time for everyone as it was very unexpected. A while back I called Grandma and asked if it was alright for me to get a few pieces of Grandpa's clothes to make something for his very first great grandchild. She agreed and we drove out for a visit a little over a week ago and she let me pick out 3 shirts and a pair of overalls. I brought them home and they sat for awhile folded on my sewing table. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to cut them up. I contacted my quilty mentor for some advice and she kindly spent a day designing me a pattern! I couldn't have done it without her! (Thanks Norma Lee!) I have the top all finished and will be taking it to my long arm quilter tomorrow so she can help me decide on the best way to quilt it. Memory Quilt
It turned out lap sized so that Hamster will have it forever and never outgrow it. Grandma helped me choose shirts that had a bit softer colors and I added the colored setting squares to make it a bit more girlish. Sorry it looks so wrinkled! It needs one last good press before heading to the quilter!

I had just enough of the overalls left to make one more little special thing. A pinafore jumper! It is for size 6-12 months and can become a top after it is too short to be a dress. I found the pattern on Pinterest!Grandpa's Overalls Jumper

The overalls were a bit stained from hard work, but that makes them all the more special. I had to do some creative cutting to have enough fabric so the under back flap is cut with the stripes going the opposite direction. Also I included a back pocket on the back flap just for fun. The lining is some blue cotton that looks like hankie print!

Grandpa's Overalls Jumper Back

Wishing everyone a fun filled Sunday! I'm off to think up something new to make!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ruffle Bum!

I've had a few really lazy days where getting off the couch just seems to much of a chore. I'm feeling great today though and wanted to share what I made earlier in the week before I couldn't hoist my giant house sized belly from the couch.
Ruffle Bum Onsie

My sister in law bought a pack of these super cute sleeveless onsies for us. I couldn't resist ruffling up the bum of one of them! I'll probably do it to a couple more eventually since plain white onsies are fun to make pretty! I also added a little ruffle at the sleeve for some extra fun.Knotted Jersey Headband

Last night I wasn't feeling particularly active, but after an afternoon nap and many episodes of Top Gear UK I had to create a little something before bed. I went to Pinterest and found a tute for this sweet little knotted head band . I pulled out some jersey and whipped one up real quick before I ran out of energy. I didn't include ties, but instead just sewed up the back since it will be perfectly stretchy enough to go around a wee little head. Mine is also a bit daintier than the photo because I used thinner strips of jersey. I want to make a couple for myself too I think! 
I've had a wonderful windfall of energy today and finished up something super special to share with you tomorrow. I'm off to make something else to go with it!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Little Sunshine Bonnet

I'm a bit bonnet crazy! Here is bonnet number two with the free pattern from Pinterest.Little Sunshine Bonnet

I'd like to make one more bonnet, but we'll see how far I get!

I also want to wish everyone a Happy May Day! I stopped in to a small antique shop downtown and purchased Hamster 2 little May Day gifts.
A pair of wool felt baby shoes from the 1930's. There were no laces so I came home and added my own thin ribbon to match the tiny embroidery on the toe and I think they are just darling. If they fit I'd love to see her wear them with the lace onsie dress I made!1930's Baby Shoes

The other item was something I couldn't seem too leave. It is the smallest 1920's mesh purse I have ever seen! The lady said it was doll sized and more than likely made in Germany. She also said she purchased it from a man that came in needing money and he said it was his grandmothers.  I didn't find a marking in it at all, but it is in very good shape. I talked her down a few dollars and made the purchase for something special to hang on Hamster's wall and a fun little story to tell her on May Day. Wee Mesh Purse

So Happy May Day (Or Bealtaine) to you and yours! I hope you have sunshine and smiles all day long!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Vintage Linen Bonnet

I adore bonnets. My little Hamster will rock bonnets all summer. I always had a bonnet on as a baby. I think they are super important to keep that little face free from the sun. I plan on making several since it is very hard to find store bought ones and handmade ones are better anyway!
Heidi brought this pattern to my attention on Pinterest and I had to give it a try.Vintage Linen Bonnet

I used a vintage dresser runner that I had in my stash. It had just a touch of embroidery and it is a wonderful linen. I couldn't resist using the yellow rick rack too.Vintage Embroidery Close Up

Here is a close up of the embroidery. Some lovely work. I used some scraps of vintage cream linen for the lining.
Oh, and my lab results came back perfectly normal! Whew! Hamster can stay just where she is until she is ready to show her wee little face!
Off to try my hand at another style of bonnet!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

WIP Sunday: Hamster's Room!

Hamster is due on May 12th, but I may find out tomorrow that she must come early. I had to do a 24 hour urine collection yesterday to check for proteins. Seems I had a bit my last 2 appointments and they want to be sure I'm not having issues with preeclampsia. I haven't had any other symptoms, but better safe than sorry, right. I'm not into the idea of having my labor induced, but if it is what is best then I will go with the flow. I have all my fingers and toes crossed that I hear tomorrow that I'm just fine and can let the little critter come on her own time! In the mean time her room is ready! Well I wouldn't say complete, but it looks like a nursery now anyway. Hamster won't be sleeping in her room for awhile anyway, but I wanted to have something that at least resembled a place for her.
Hamster's Crib

This is the wall with her crib and the "you are my sunshine" art I made. I love that organza type column light! It will be her nightlight for awhile when a little light is required. I put a few fun things on the shelves, but I'm sure she will collect her own things for them soon enough!Sweet Girl
I'm seem to be a very sentimental person. I had a wonderful Great Aunt pass away from cancer in February.  As I was doing some cleaning in anticipation of Hamster I came across this little vintage card that she had given to me for a birthday once upon a time. I thought it was a perfect little keepsake to put on Hamster's wall since she won't get to meet her. I had it custom matted and framed and it looks super! I'm thinking the card is from the 50's, but it didn't have a date on it. 

Hamster's Dresser
This is the other side of the wall. You can't see my favorite vintage chair that is in the corner to the right, but I thought it fit in perfectly and would be a great place to read stories. I made the little curtain to hide a super ugly window and put some photos of me, the Hubby, and Merlin along with Hamster's first and last ultrasound in that photo collage frame. The dresser is also something special. When I was 8 I asked my Grandpa to build me a dresser for my dolls clothes. In my little mind I was picturing something small, you know doll sized. I awoke on Christmas morning to find that beauty in the living room! Three full sized drawers and a mirror! It is perfect to hold Hamster's tiny wee clothes and another family treasure.Gnome Alphabet Sampler Framed
One last detail to share! The amazing Pam (KittyKill) x-stitched up this super adorable gnome alphabet sampler and sent it to me for Hamster! I had it custom matted and my father in law created a one of a kind frame from reclaimed wood! It looks amazing on the wall and is the perfect focal point for the wall! I can't wait to add a bit more art from some crafty friends and fill her room full of even more love. Something about original art work filled walls makes my heart sing and I hope to instill that into my little girl too. 
I'll keep you all posted on my lab results and here's hoping Hamster will arrive on her own terms!