Sunday, September 16, 2012

WIP Sunday: Hauntingly Fun!

Fall is upon us! I woke up this morning to the smells of fall coming in my bedroom window! I was so inspired I had to bake some cookies. My special only for fall and winter time cookies, Great Grandma Hurley's cookie jar favorites. That is what she called them, to most they are molasses cookies. Yummy!

Here they are in my favorite cookie jar!

I also got started on a new yard decoration for Halloween! I'm going a bit nuts since it is the baby's first Halloween and of course my favorite holiday. I found an awesome witch via pinterest. It is from Martha Stewart's website. I taped my printed pattern together today so I can go material shopping tomorrow! Squeee! I'm trying to talk the Hubby into running the skill saw so I don't chop off any fingers. Witchy Pattern

I also finished up one of my 3D star table toppers! This is the one I was working on in the class. It is already on my dining room table. This pattern was so fun I have 2 more in the works and one planned for a Christmas gift.

Camera dump 388

Here is a close up of my fussy cut center! I adore this fabric and it was hard to cut a piece out.Camera dump 390
Off to have rueben's with the in laws and watch last nights episode of Doctor Who! Have a lovely Sunday!

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LimeRiot said...

Yay! Great stuff. I'm getting so excited for fall too. I was inspired to bake today too - ginger cookies.