Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Flurry Of Work

I go in big creative flurries these days! I work for an entire day on something and then go for a few days touching nothing! I don't really like working this way, but I guess I take what I can get.
I started work on a baby quilt for Hamster! The embroidered blocks were done by my Grandmother around 20-30 years ago! We aren't sure, but she thinks they may have been meant for a quilt for me. LOL She handed them over and with a few non gender specific fabric selections I started turning them into a quilt! ( I'm not a fan of the forced pink or blue thing anyway.)
Hamster's 1st Quilt
I decided to make those super fun pinwheels to boarder the quilt as well. I made all the pinwheels to find that since this is my first quilt without an actual pattern my math was a bit off. I bought some cute orange zig zag fabric to add an additional boarder and I will use that to bind as well to bring it all together. A pop of a 3rd color will really be fun!
Sadly I must set aside the baby quilt to get a couple other Christmas gifts done. I'm not making as much as I normally do, which makes me sad. Time and being pregnant have sapped my crafty mojo!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Fa La La La La!

I participated in the Trim the Tree Swap on Flickr again this year and received another trio of fantastic handmade ornaments to add to my tree! I love doing this swap! Last year I got a great set and this set didn't disappoint!
Ornaments From Trim The Tree Swap

The stocking in amazing colors is from Shelz Stuff, the round ornament with adorable fabrics is from LethargicLass, the sweet little owl is from Patchwork Queen.

Thanks ladies for a wonderful swap! I am getting excited about getting a tree now!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I've been missing in action for awhile now. I'm always so disappointed in myself when I don't keep up with my blog and my friends! Things are going well and I'm finally getting over the morning sickness business. I'm hoping my crafty mojo will get a jump start so I can start getting a few Christmas gifts ready! Sadly, I really haven't worked on much. I've been tired. Yesterday I stayed home from work because I was all stuffed up and I managed to make the first onsie for the new baby!
A wee hamster! I found this coloring page online from a google search and thought it was adorable. We call the baby Hamster for now and I just think it might stick. LOL It isn't my best stitching as last time I bought stabilizer I thought I had gotten the right stuff, but turns out I didn't. Oh well, I think it is perfectly cute and Hamster won't mind. ;)
I hope to get my butt in gear and work on my Grinch quilt this week as well as finishing up that Split Decision quilt. I'd like to get them both to the quilter by the first week in December! Lofty goals!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mini Monster Masterpiece!

On Friday I taught a class at my local art center. I've had these mini canvases sitting around for awhile and wanted to make something fun with them. We used a bit of wire and turned them into mini monster masterpieces! The kids had a blast making them right before Halloween. I made a mosaic to share since I took individual photos of each monster.
The first monster was my example piece. I have a couple canvases left over and might just make a couple more!