Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Flurry Of Work

I go in big creative flurries these days! I work for an entire day on something and then go for a few days touching nothing! I don't really like working this way, but I guess I take what I can get.
I started work on a baby quilt for Hamster! The embroidered blocks were done by my Grandmother around 20-30 years ago! We aren't sure, but she thinks they may have been meant for a quilt for me. LOL She handed them over and with a few non gender specific fabric selections I started turning them into a quilt! ( I'm not a fan of the forced pink or blue thing anyway.)
Hamster's 1st Quilt
I decided to make those super fun pinwheels to boarder the quilt as well. I made all the pinwheels to find that since this is my first quilt without an actual pattern my math was a bit off. I bought some cute orange zig zag fabric to add an additional boarder and I will use that to bind as well to bring it all together. A pop of a 3rd color will really be fun!
Sadly I must set aside the baby quilt to get a couple other Christmas gifts done. I'm not making as much as I normally do, which makes me sad. Time and being pregnant have sapped my crafty mojo!

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Digital Misfit said...

I can't wait to see it finished! Grandma's embroidered blocks are so sweet, and it will make a cherished heirloom for Hamster.
I am not sure I could be your friend if you were all pink and blue anyway :P Fortunately, they are our 2 most hated colors!