Sunday, December 4, 2011

WIP Sunday: Deck The Halls!

I'm finally getting some crafty mojo back! I took a quilting class yesterday for the spicy spiral table runner! It was so much fun and easy to do that I think I'm going to whip up at least 1 more for a last minute Christmas gift!
Spicy Spiral Table Runner WIP

I only have a couple more things to do. I need to hand stitch my turning opening closed and top stitch around the outer edge. I can quilt it as well, but I sort of like it just the way it is. I might quilt another one in the future. The colors are much more vibrant in real life and that isn't tan, but gold on a cream background. I'll try for outdoor photos when it is finished.
Christmas Tree 2011
Our tree is up and ready for us to celebrate! Don't mind the mess around it! You can see a tote lid that is filled with other decorations that will be put up today. I love how each ornament stands out so nice on this tree. One of my favorites so far! The tree skirt was handmade for us this year by the Hubby's Grandma! So fun to have so many handmade things on our tree! Handmade or not, each ornament has special meaning to us both.

Off to finish putting out the decorations and then time for some gift sewing!
Happy Holiday


Digital Misfit said...

Happy Holidays to my beautiful bestie and her awesome family. Your tree is beautiful and so FUN. I want to play with all of the ornies.
Of course I always love seeing George staring at it in the background.
Big hugs to you and the fam during this trying time.

LimeRiot said...

That quilt is lovely... and a bit hypnotic :). I adore it.

Your tree looks fab too!