Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Split Decision

I finished my last quilt of 2011! It has been received at its new home and I know it was loved. I bought the pattern in South Dakota and used leftover fabrics from the Slice and Dice that I made for my mother in law. Split Decision
The photos were taken hastily on my bed before I wrapped the quilt to take it to the Birthday girl! Split Decision Close Up

Split Decision BacksideMy long arm quilter out did herself once again and did a beautiful swirly pattern in variegated thread! It makes the design so much fun!

It is backed in a plain Moda marble to showcase the quilting.

I know the Birthday girl loved it since I got about 4 hugs before I left!

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Digital Misfit said...

The birthday girl is a lucky gal indeed! That quilt is gorgeous!
I can't believe what an amazing quilter you are (I would say "have become", but you were an amazing quilter from your very first one!). You were born to quilt, girlfriend! Hamster is going to be one cozy baby :P