Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gather It Up

I've finished another gift! I have a Great Aunt that has chickens on her farm and she is just starting to get a nice batch of eggs each day. She walks with a cane and has trouble getting the eggs to the house sometimes so I decided to make her a gathering apron so she can walk to the house hands free!
Gathering Apron
I used all stash fabrics and the pattern I found online with some alterations so it would fit her measurements.
Gathering Apron Gathered Up
This is seriously the most awkward photo! LOL I had such a time trying to get one. I wanted to show how it gathers up in the front and forms a pouch for the eggs. I think she is really going to love it and it will help to make her life a bit easier.
Only 1 more gift to make!

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Arya said...

so cute! i know if I had an apron like that for when we used to gather eggs when I was a kid it would have made things so much simpler!