Sunday, December 18, 2011

WIP Sunday: One More Spicy!

I had a huge work day yesterday and enjoyed every minute of it. I turned on the Christmas tunes and set to work on several projects I needed to get finished up before the holidays. I made binding for a quilt that is now ready for hand sewing, I made a pillow case with Steelers fabric for a friend of the Hubby, finished another spicy spiral table runner for my Grandma, and started the Grinch quilt for me! Spring Spicy Spiral I used spring inspired fabrics with golds, yellows, creams, and soft greens. I love how it turned out! Spring Spicy Spiral Close Up 
I used the stitch in the ditch quilting method again. I love the texture it gives to the back. Spring Spicy Spiral Quilting

It is all wrapped and under the tree! I took a shot of my progress on the Grinch quilt too. I'm preparing the blocks that will be appliqued on. Starting The Grinch

I can't wait to finish it up and have it out for the holidays! Time to go help bake some cookies with the family! Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday!


Jaclyn T said...

Love the colours in the spiral runner!

--Jaclyn T
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Pretty Things said...

That is amazing! I can't even fathom how you did it and got it so perfect!