Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I've been missing in action for awhile now. I'm always so disappointed in myself when I don't keep up with my blog and my friends! Things are going well and I'm finally getting over the morning sickness business. I'm hoping my crafty mojo will get a jump start so I can start getting a few Christmas gifts ready! Sadly, I really haven't worked on much. I've been tired. Yesterday I stayed home from work because I was all stuffed up and I managed to make the first onsie for the new baby!
A wee hamster! I found this coloring page online from a google search and thought it was adorable. We call the baby Hamster for now and I just think it might stick. LOL It isn't my best stitching as last time I bought stabilizer I thought I had gotten the right stuff, but turns out I didn't. Oh well, I think it is perfectly cute and Hamster won't mind. ;)
I hope to get my butt in gear and work on my Grinch quilt this week as well as finishing up that Split Decision quilt. I'd like to get them both to the quilter by the first week in December! Lofty goals!

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Digital Misfit said...

Adorable onesie for Hamster! I am glad that you are feeling better. Love you and miss you!