Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ruffle Bum!

I've had a few really lazy days where getting off the couch just seems to much of a chore. I'm feeling great today though and wanted to share what I made earlier in the week before I couldn't hoist my giant house sized belly from the couch.
Ruffle Bum Onsie

My sister in law bought a pack of these super cute sleeveless onsies for us. I couldn't resist ruffling up the bum of one of them! I'll probably do it to a couple more eventually since plain white onsies are fun to make pretty! I also added a little ruffle at the sleeve for some extra fun.Knotted Jersey Headband

Last night I wasn't feeling particularly active, but after an afternoon nap and many episodes of Top Gear UK I had to create a little something before bed. I went to Pinterest and found a tute for this sweet little knotted head band . I pulled out some jersey and whipped one up real quick before I ran out of energy. I didn't include ties, but instead just sewed up the back since it will be perfectly stretchy enough to go around a wee little head. Mine is also a bit daintier than the photo because I used thinner strips of jersey. I want to make a couple for myself too I think! 
I've had a wonderful windfall of energy today and finished up something super special to share with you tomorrow. I'm off to make something else to go with it!

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Barbara/myth maker said...

Would love to see the head band on to get a better idea of what it looks like.
The onsie is too cute!
Hope you're feeling good.