Monday, May 14, 2012

Still No Hamster, But I Made Her A Friend!

Hamster hasn't arrived yet! I had a wonderful Mother's Day anyway! Hubby, Hamster, and Merlin gave me a gorgeous emerald and diamond necklace! Emerald is Hamster's birth stone (if she ever decides to show up!) I set to work making Hamster a friend yesterday too. I needed something to keep my mind off the fact that I was 1 day past my due date and still feeling fantastic.

I found the Molly Monkey pattern on mmmcrafts blog and just knew Hamster would need a friend. I've named her Sunny. The yellow, gray, and white fabrics are from the Half Moon Modern line that I'm also making the crib quilt from! It will match her room perfectly. I had leftovers after cutting out the quilt pieces so I thought I'd make a few other things with it too. 

Sunny's Close Up

Isn't that face just adorable? I'm hoping Hamster is just as cute!Sunny's Backside

Sunny stood up to show off her tail! Also the cute little bow on the back of her beret. Everything is sewn on so Sunny and Hamster can have a ton of fun adventures together without her loosing her hat or shoes! Also as I want her to be loved and snuggled things sewn on are probably just safer. 

They have set me an induction date of May 21st, but I'm hoping I can coax this little Hamster out on her own! I've been trying everything to get her to start her exit, but nothing has worked so far. I've felt so good these last few days it is amazing. I'm hoping she gets a move on! So while I wait I will be as creative as I can to keep my mind off the wishing she was here!


Larissa said...

Very cute Molly! Thanks for sharing this with me, and may God bless you and Hamster with a healthy (and timely) delivery!

cheap prom dresses said...

oh this is so great and generous! i can't wait to make one for my little sister!!!! i will share it on the flickr group when i make one, i'm planning this would make a good christmas present! thank you for sharing!