Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Little Sunshine Bonnet

I'm a bit bonnet crazy! Here is bonnet number two with the free pattern from Pinterest.Little Sunshine Bonnet

I'd like to make one more bonnet, but we'll see how far I get!

I also want to wish everyone a Happy May Day! I stopped in to a small antique shop downtown and purchased Hamster 2 little May Day gifts.
A pair of wool felt baby shoes from the 1930's. There were no laces so I came home and added my own thin ribbon to match the tiny embroidery on the toe and I think they are just darling. If they fit I'd love to see her wear them with the lace onsie dress I made!1930's Baby Shoes

The other item was something I couldn't seem too leave. It is the smallest 1920's mesh purse I have ever seen! The lady said it was doll sized and more than likely made in Germany. She also said she purchased it from a man that came in needing money and he said it was his grandmothers.  I didn't find a marking in it at all, but it is in very good shape. I talked her down a few dollars and made the purchase for something special to hang on Hamster's wall and a fun little story to tell her on May Day. Wee Mesh Purse

So Happy May Day (Or Bealtaine) to you and yours! I hope you have sunshine and smiles all day long!


Pretty Things said...

ALL are sweet, and call me silly, but just the word "bonnet" is adorable.

Digital Misfit said...

That bonnet fabric is wickedly awesome! Love the wee felt shoes (can you touch them without a rash?) and beautiful mini purse

AlwaysInspired said...

I didnt handle them too long, but I'm sure if I held them for too long I'd be itching!