Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Little Ruffled Sunhat

STILL no Hamster! The waiting is driving me mad! I don't want to wait until the 21st, I don't want to be induced, and I certainly don't want her to have gotten to big to be delivered normally. I just feel like I could throw a tantrum. Not that it would help. I'm just trying my best to stay calm and think positive thoughts. I was awake a lot last night and that didn't help my mood today either. No sane person should be awake at 5 am pinning on Pinterest if they don't have to get up!
Last night before bed to ease my brain a bit and get my mind off things I made Hamster a little ruffled sunhat. Another Pinterest pattern from this blog. I will certainly be making these in all sizes! The pattern is super cute, easy to make from scraps, and will work wonderfully!
With no little noggin to model I turned to Merlin. He certainly wishes Hamster would come soon so he can stop being pestered into wearing her accessories!Oh, please!

More leftover scraps from the Half Moon Modern fabrics from Moda that I am making the crib quilt from!Ruffled Sunhat

I guess by delaying her entrance into the world this little girl is working on a killer wardrobe! 


Digital Misfit said...

I love that sunhat! Merlin looks beautiful in it.

kittykill said...

Oh my goodness! That is too cute! Oh Merlin! So adorable.