Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back In The Swing Of Things

Avinell is officially a month old!

This is her one month picture with her monkey Sunshine. I'm going to take a photo of her each month with Sunshine to watch her grow! 

Now that she is a month old and not as needy as a true newborn it is time for Momma to get back in the swing of things! Today is cleaning the craft room! Avinell is going to "help" by looking cute sitting in her chair sleeping. After the crafty room is clean I can start on my "Summer of WIP's". I want to finish up a million projects that have gotten shoved to the back burner while being preggers. So to keep myself motivated I will share with you lovely people and make myself accountable by continuing to share as I check projects off my list!

1.Chair Before 

Remember this? My rocker I am supposed to paint to match the little Zetti style chair I did ages ago. Well it is going to get finished! It is part of the way painted so I just need to buckle down and finish it up so I can sit in it this summer!

2.Daisy Seeds Block 1 
How about this, do you remember it? My Grandma's quilt blocks that were started last summer for her Birthday. I have 5 of 12 blocks completed. Time to get busy on this too!

3. I have 3 quilts to hand bind as well. The Grinch quilt for myself, Avinell's memory quilt, and the X-Quisitly Amazing quilt for Heidi's Mom. These will become quiet time projects.

4. Avinell's crib quilt needs finished too! I need to put the block components together and then put the blocks together into the finished quilt top. Then off to the quilter and another hand binding project!

For now that is my list! Some large projects to finish! I have a few other small ones, but these will take precedents over the small ones. Oh, and NO NEW PROJECTS! That will be the hardest part to stick to! I love fast "instant gratification" type of projects and I tend to get so over inspired that I want to do a million things. Please help me stay focused my wonderful bloggy friends! Off to get to cleaning with that sweet little helper of mine!


Barbara/myth maker said...

What a little cutie. Good luck with all your WIPs!

Digital Misfit said...

I love that smiling sweet face! Good luck finishing the WIPs. I know I am hardly the best person to keep you on track as I tend to be the one to push you into something new :P I hope the passport shows up soon so I can finally book my flight and give you a hand. Big hugs!

Nichola said...

Cute! Cute! Cute! Such a little sweetie pie :) Enjoy your crafty time :)

Lori Anderson said...

I love her name!

AlwaysInspired said...

Thanks Lori! The first name is from my family and the middle name is representing my hubby's side.