Sunday, April 29, 2012

WIP Sunday: Hamster's Room!

Hamster is due on May 12th, but I may find out tomorrow that she must come early. I had to do a 24 hour urine collection yesterday to check for proteins. Seems I had a bit my last 2 appointments and they want to be sure I'm not having issues with preeclampsia. I haven't had any other symptoms, but better safe than sorry, right. I'm not into the idea of having my labor induced, but if it is what is best then I will go with the flow. I have all my fingers and toes crossed that I hear tomorrow that I'm just fine and can let the little critter come on her own time! In the mean time her room is ready! Well I wouldn't say complete, but it looks like a nursery now anyway. Hamster won't be sleeping in her room for awhile anyway, but I wanted to have something that at least resembled a place for her.
Hamster's Crib

This is the wall with her crib and the "you are my sunshine" art I made. I love that organza type column light! It will be her nightlight for awhile when a little light is required. I put a few fun things on the shelves, but I'm sure she will collect her own things for them soon enough!Sweet Girl
I'm seem to be a very sentimental person. I had a wonderful Great Aunt pass away from cancer in February.  As I was doing some cleaning in anticipation of Hamster I came across this little vintage card that she had given to me for a birthday once upon a time. I thought it was a perfect little keepsake to put on Hamster's wall since she won't get to meet her. I had it custom matted and framed and it looks super! I'm thinking the card is from the 50's, but it didn't have a date on it. 

Hamster's Dresser
This is the other side of the wall. You can't see my favorite vintage chair that is in the corner to the right, but I thought it fit in perfectly and would be a great place to read stories. I made the little curtain to hide a super ugly window and put some photos of me, the Hubby, and Merlin along with Hamster's first and last ultrasound in that photo collage frame. The dresser is also something special. When I was 8 I asked my Grandpa to build me a dresser for my dolls clothes. In my little mind I was picturing something small, you know doll sized. I awoke on Christmas morning to find that beauty in the living room! Three full sized drawers and a mirror! It is perfect to hold Hamster's tiny wee clothes and another family treasure.Gnome Alphabet Sampler Framed
One last detail to share! The amazing Pam (KittyKill) x-stitched up this super adorable gnome alphabet sampler and sent it to me for Hamster! I had it custom matted and my father in law created a one of a kind frame from reclaimed wood! It looks amazing on the wall and is the perfect focal point for the wall! I can't wait to add a bit more art from some crafty friends and fill her room full of even more love. Something about original art work filled walls makes my heart sing and I hope to instill that into my little girl too. 
I'll keep you all posted on my lab results and here's hoping Hamster will arrive on her own terms!

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