Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm Back!

Wow! What a weekend! On Friday night at around 2am the power went out as a huge storm rolled in. We had tons of rain which turned to snow and caused a lot of issues with power lines and phone lines. We sat without power for the entire day Saturday and Sunday. We headed to the in laws on Saturday since they have a gas stove and were able to cook a hot meal. We had lunch with them and then tried to venture home, but a pickup was stuck cross ways in our street and we couldn't get to our house! The Hubby took me back to the in laws and drove home, parked a block away and walked in to the house to change for work. We ended up having a sleep over at the in laws that night. We made it home Sunday and sat without power again. It was cold, but I stayed warm under my pile of quilts. We did loose a fish from our fish tank from the drop in water temp and lack of air circulation. Oh, and the entire time phones and cell phones were working hit or miss so communication was terrible! Other than that we did ok. I read tons and started sketching in my sketch book!
April 30th!
I had a vid of us driving, but I can't get it to upload. Fairly boring, just this and me trying to narrate and not sound like an idiot. LOL You get the picture! We're all ok now with power and feeling much better. There is still snow on the ground and hopefully it melts soon.
I'll share my sketches from the power outage tomorrow! So glad to be back!

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Wulf said...

Wow! Always surprising to see that kind of thing in May. Glad you and your home survived unscathed. We actually had quite a nice weekend here, after a rather unsettled week.