Sunday, May 15, 2011

WIP Sunday: A Teaser

I joined the I heart the 80's swap on flickr only to find out that I had been paired with my bestie Digital Misfit! LOL She isn't crafting for me as it is a secret partner swap, but I am crafting for her. So sadly it isn't a secret, but I can keep the project a secret! I asked her some questions about what she wanted and settled on making her an art quilt wall hanging. I'm calling it "Soviet Union Propaganda Folk Art." She knows that much anyway.
Teaser for Digital Misfit!
I have a long ways to go, but the beginnings are making me happy! I have two hours before I have to go to work, so I think I'll go work more on the super secret propaganda quilt!

1 comment:

Digital Misfit said...

This is going to just rock my world! :D