Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh So Pretty!

I took my camera to work yesterday. One of the wonderful things of working surrounded by flowers is the beautiful photos you can take. I always pick a Sunday and take my camera to work, knowing that I'll have time to wander and take photos. I took lots yesterday and thought I would share a few. They turned out lovely!

I'll share my favorite three here, but if you'd like to see more of my flower photos from this year and past years you can frolic on over to my flickr page and check out my flower set.

I found this red strawflower with a heart center! I was so in love! I took lots of pictures and then set it aside to keep for myself. I'll plant it in a planter for the patio and when the flower is ready to be picked I'll dry it so I can keep it. I Love You

I love this flower! It is a mum blossom. The orange and red are two of my fave colors right now, especially in flowers.
Mum On Fire

The last one is a mandavilla flower. I just thought it was so stunning all open wide and stare shaped.
Blushing Star

I could post a ton more here, but I'll leave it at that and let you take a look if you'd like. I hope this brightens your day!


Digital Misfit said...

ok, that heart shaped flower is so awesome! BEAUTIFUL flowers! I can see why your family greenhouse has rocked for 35 years!

Paula Jo @ Home and Garden Decor said...

What beautiful flowers. You are so lucky to be surrounded by such beauty every day. I would love that.

Anonymous said...

What kind of camera do you use? I've been looking for a new camera and wanting one that can do close ups well. Beautiful flowers!

AlwaysInspired said...

I have a cannon Power Shot SX100 IS. The Hubby bought it for me for my Birthday a few years ago. The macro function is amazing.

Unruly Rebel said...

such lovely flowers on earth, why cant they be everywhere...

Unruly Rebel
something THEY call life

Jaclyn T said...

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