Monday, May 30, 2011

WIP Sunday: Monday Again!

I'm still a bad bloggy friend!
Just a couple quick updates. My tooth is much, much better! No more pain and I finished my antibiotics today! I go in on Tuesday to have it checked and decide when it is going to be extracted.

Sadly I haven't gotten to work on anything crafty. It makes me irritable and sad. I haven't had a proper day off from work in almost a month. I get a few hours off here and there, but a whole day just for me is impossible at this time. I did sketch something out the other night and that was nice, but I'm not totally happy with it which is probably because of the mood I've been in.

So no photos of anything that is in progress. How depressing. I need to hide in a crafty hole for a few days and have fun making stuff! My goal was to have one embroidered panel done of the quilt I wanted to give Grama for her Birthday, but her Birthday is a week and a day away and I have yet to even transfer the pattern! Oh well! I'll show her the fabric and pattern and then work on it during my off time. She'll get it when I'm done and she will love it all the same.

Psssstttt...... My Birthday is a week from tomorrow! :)

Off to wallow in my non crafty pity party.


kittykill said...

Happy Early birthday to another June baby. Much love coming your way!

Jaclyn T said...

I HATE not crafting! PLUS having a toothache would suck.

I'm sure your grandmother will appreciate/love whatever you present her with!