Thursday, March 17, 2011

One World One Heart Prizes!

I've been meaning to post this for ages now, but have been so dang busy! Forgive my lateness, but I do adore all of the prizes I won and am super grateful.
I won a gorgeous piece of one of a kind art from the wonderful Natasha May.
It looks just perfect on the left of my cubby of curiosities! The Hubby was the one that suggested hanging it there.
OWOH Prize Wonderful Art
Next up we have some wonderful art journals! I was lucky enough to win 2!
On the left is a wonderful one with a handmade cover from Linda. She also sent that sweet little accordion book and a tag that has been added to an art journal.
On the left is a great moleskin from Stephanie. I can't wait to start adding things to both journals!
OWOH Prizes Art Journals
Next up is a wonderful leather cuff I won from J. The green eye freaks people out so it makes me love wearing it even more!
OWOH Prize Leather Cuff
Another bracelet from the wonderful Melody . This bracelet fits me so well! I love wearing it and always get lots of wonderful comments on it.OWOH Prize Chainmaille Bracelet
Finally, I won a copy of the book "Cake Pops" from Chris. I don't have a photo of the book, but if you google it you can find tons of cute images! I already went out and bought the ingredients to make the little chicks for Easter!

Thank you to all of the One World One Heart participants and the lovely few that I won fantastic prizes from! I had a great time meeting so many wonderful new bloggers!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Digital Misfit said...

Great gifties!
I just realized that I am going to have to take all new photos of my OWOH prizes because I had uploaded them all to the old pc!

Emily said...

hehe i recognize something i made in those pictures ^_^

lovely prizes! i like the two paintings a lot :)