Monday, March 21, 2011

Sewing Machine Cozy!

I've been promising Heidi (Digital Misfit) a sewing machine cozy for ages and finally got around to making it! I made it reversible too! Never know when you want to look at something a little different.

I had to test it out and since the machine was on I tested it out on Merlin! Dog, sewing machine, same difference, right?
Doggy Cozy????
He was sleeping and didn't even notice I had put it on him!

I made those shabby roses to accent the black side.
Shabby Roses

The other side is the crazy red, gray, and black fabric that I think is so fun.
Sewing Machine Cozy
Yesterday I made a thread catcher from the same fabrics to go with. I'll post that tomorrow after I have a suitable photo.

No dogs were harmed in the taking of these photos either!


Veronica said...

That made me smile. : )

Chris said...

Love the dog (I mean sewing machine) cozy.

Hello there! My name is June said...

Excellent to see it's a two in one decor item depending on her mood! I love that wild pattern with the red, black & grey!