Sunday, August 7, 2011

WIP Sunday: Grama's Quilt

I've FINALLY started on the quilt I promised my Grama for her Birthday in June! On her Birthday, June 8th, I took the fabric I had bought and the pattern to her and then took it back to make the quilt. The pattern is here, (never mind that hideous fabric, mine is much cooler!)

The first block took me about 6 episodes of Doctor Who and 1 episode of Top Gear UK to finish up.
Daisy Seeds Block 1
11 more blocks to go! I'm going to start on block #2 today!

I'm also hosting a One Tiny Thing Game of Thrones swap on Craftster! Sign ups just opened up today so I'll be making something related to that wonderful series soon.

I'm also still working on the Irish fairy painting for the art auction in September. I think the painting is done now, but I need to turn it into a wall hanging as it is on un stretched canvas.
Irish Fairy
I'm coffee staining some muslin to use for the wall hanging portion, which I think I will paint or draw on a bit too.
Off to stitch! Have a wonderful and productive Sunday!

1 comment:

Digital Misfit said...

I can't wait to see the rest of the blocks. You are just a quilting MACHINE! Pretty soon you will be buying your own Long Arm as an investment!
Love the Irish Fairy art. I am sure it will do well at auction :D