Sunday, February 19, 2012

WIP Sunday: Library Underway and Hamster's New Room!

Yesterday and today have been busy! The library was officially finished so we worked on getting some things moved in. Like the computer and desk and all those pesky cords! I think I did a great job of bundling them together and they aren't all sticking out all over! We hung up my ATC collection first! I just love how it brightens up this little half wall that leads into the reading nook.

ATC collection in the library

My wonderful Hubby also did some built in book shelves! He's becoming so dang handy!
Most of the books are in their new homes. I'm just missing a few I need to pull out. That should fill up the shelf next to Roamy Gnomey who has become quite at home. The other empty part will be for Hamster's books that she is amassing even though she isn't born and my poppet collection, along with a couple other stuffies from friends.

Book Shelves

Lastly my favorite part! This room was once the cistern for the house. With the tank removed we have a super cool brick and stone rounded area with 3 windows overhead! The Hubby sealed and painted the stone and it looks amazing! I'll have to take a photo of the windows later when the sun isn't beating in! The natural light is amazing. I'm going to get a plant or 2 to live in the deep sills and we are testing out a few different options to hang some art in there. The lamp is a vintage find that I love and the side table is new. The wicker chair is just a temporary seat until my vintage arm chair is done at the upholsterer. It will hopefully be done around June, just in time for my Birthday! I'm also hoping to convince my Mom into crocheting one of those giant doily rugs for the rounded area!  
Reading Nook

Today we are working in Hamster's room! The large closet is empty and being scrubbed out. Hubby hopes to have a coat of primer on the walls before evening if I can get my butt in gear and put the rest of the keep pile in the last 3 totes! Time to have a snack and get back to work! Hope everyone has a productive Sunday!


Hello there! My name is June said...

Dang! You are so lucky to have such an incredible space dedicated to reading! I love the display of books ...perfect to just grab one spontaneously & curl up with it!

Wulf said...

I love the narrow shelves for displaying ATCs. Such a brilliant solution! Do they have a groove in them to hold the bottom of the card, or is it just ol' gravity doing its thing?

And the round room looks like a wonderful space. Please do put up a photo showing the windows, because it's obviously flooded with sunlight, but I can't figure out why a cistern would even have windows, let alone what they might look like.

But honey, I sure hope you're getting your upholstery done for free, because an armchair, even a vintage one, should take about three days, not five months!

AlwaysInspired said...

Wulf, the ATC shelves are actually wooden rulers that I stained! The groove down the middle really helps!
As for the chair, we only have one man that does upholstery and he had back surgery and I'm in line after his recoup! Lol otherwise I'm sure it would have been done much sooner!

AlwaysInspired said...

Oh, the windows were added after the cistern tank was removed. The previous home owner was planning on using the room as a sewing room. It is much to small for my sewing room, and I use half the basement for that!

Knickertwist said...

Fantastic! I LOVE those little atc shelves. I'm totally swiping that idea somehow :)