Sunday, February 26, 2012

WIP Sunday: Hamster's New Room!

I did it! I'm all done painting in Hamster's new room (aka the nursery). I just love how the colors I picked look together! The new rug is also down on the floor. I am just awaiting the Hubby to put together the crib and haul in the other furniture. Then I'll hang some little clothes up in that huge closet!Hamster's Room
I'm not a fan of the overhead lighting so we will be picking up a nice lamp for the corner of the room as well. I also have a fun organza hanging lamp I will be putting in the opposite corner by the closet. It is more of a twinkle lamp, but will brighten up the dark corner. The crib will go on the large wall you can see part of in this photo. I also have a chair and ottoman and dresser that will be added. I'm thinking she will also need a book shelf or some other piece of furniture to put toys on ect. See where the ceiling dips down a bit to allow for the duct work? I want to do something fun with that space! Maybe a fabric bunting is in order!You Are My Sunshine!
I was inspired by a piece of art I found on Pinterest to make this for Hamster's room! I couldn't resist! I put my own spin on colors, fonts, placements, ect. It will hang over her crib!Hamster's Fabrics
I also picked out these prints from the Half Moon Modern line from Moda to make a crib quilt with! I'm going to find one more of the yellow prints so I have 5 of each color way and then I need to decide on a pattern!
I can't wait to get art on the walls and make it feel like an actual room! I'm also preparing for a quilt class tomorrow night to make a quilt for a special person! Off to iron up my fabric and pack up my equipment! Hope everyone has a sunshiny Sunday!


Digital Misfit said...

The room looks great and the artwork is perfect! I cannot wait to see wee Hamster in her new room.

Knickertwist said...

Fabulous colours! Can't wait to see it filled up. So excited for you :)