Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dark Mark Sparks Panic!

Oooooo, scary! A dark mark onsie!  I found a temporary tattoo template online and used it to draw my own version. I then embroidered it on green Kona in 1 and 2 strands. I used the zig zag on my machine to sew it to a black onsie.

Dark Mark Close Up

What better baby gift for a Harry Potter fan Mom who just so happens to be having a baby a couple weeks after me? 

Dark Mark Onsie
I couldn't resist! If this little one turns out to be a girl it will get a matching green and black striped skirt to rock with this onsie! ;)


Digital Misfit said...

That is so cool, and I am not even a Harry Potter fan. I love the green and black combo!

kittykill said...

Very cool! Love the color combo and the sinister stitching