Monday, January 12, 2009

The pretty button jar

The pretty buttons
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I've been on a button spree as of late. I just wanted so share my "pretty button jar". It is inspired by Grama's beloved button tin that all the kids in the family have been allowed to look through. When you're not feeling well, or just being very good and need some quiet time Grama would bring out the button tin. A lot of the buttons are very old. Most were her Mother's buttons. I always treasure the memory of touching each button, sorting them out in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Something so meaningful for a child.
The wonderful memories made me want my own pretty button jar. I found this antique cracker jar at a yard sale for $4! I know it's huge, but I hope someday to have it filled to the brim with all the "pretty buttons." I hope it will make wonderful memories for my children and grandchildren someday.
I'll post more button pictures soon!

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Shadows of the goddess designs said...

I love button jars ! I have one also. My granny had one ..wish my grandpa had kept all her old buttons