Monday, January 26, 2009

I love this fabric!

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So yesterday the hubby kindly drove me 2 hours to the nearest Joann's fabric store. I bought a few things, some with projects in mind others just because. I knew this fabric had to be headbands. I made 1 for my little sister, 1 for my cousin, 1 for myself, and 1 for a lucky swap partner. I just love how they fit! I looked online for inspiration, but made my own pattern. They can also be reversable and have the plain purple on the outside. I'm so happy with mine I'm wearing it today!


Linda said...

Two hours to a Joann's store. Wow. I am only 15 minutes away. I should stop complaining that it is so far to Joann's. ha ha Like your blog.

Digital Misfit said...

I wish we had a Joanns here!
That is some rockin fabric! love the headbands.

Marty said...

I had to bookmark your blog-not only because you entered my giveaway, but you're a woman after my own heart. I found a piece of fabric with Westies on it at Hancock Fabrics 160 miles from my house. I didn't have time to have it cut, so I went home sad. The next time my SIL came to visit, she had 5 yards of it for me! I immediately made her a wallet and checkbook cover in thanks. Made myself some, too, as well as a purse.

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

cute fabric !! made nice headbands

odd dotty said...

Those headbands are super fun!! Love them!

Michelle McGee said...

Oh so cute!

Jan Rader said...

Really cute headbands and awesome fabric!

Odddollz by Jacqui said... you have running water where you live?? lol 2 hour to the nearest joann's store!! you must live in the boonies.
Cool fabric for sure!


AlwaysInspired said...

Bwahhahahahaha! Yes, we have running water, but just barely according to most people that find out where I live! We only have 1 store to shop at and it's............ Walmart! Uhhhhggg!